Less than Thirty

As I write this, the clock is ticking down. It is now less than 30 days in which I run my first marathon. I’m probably making a mountain out of a mole hill with this whole countdown thing. Barring any unforeseen circumstances, I have no reason to think that I won’t be able to complete this run. I guess I’m just the kind of person that sweats everything until it’s over. I’ve always been like this, believe it or not. Those of you who know me personally may never have guessed it. But it is true.

I really had a great week. But I’ve been a bit tired and have had a few sleep issues. This is a bit disturbing because I have just recently re-discovered sleep, so why it is starting to drift away again is a bit disconcerting. I can only think it has to do with the launch of a possible new career, the end of a long winter, the fact that there is daylight at 5:00 am now, and perhaps a bit of perimenopause re-rearing it’s ugly head in my direction. When one has a lot on one’s mind, it can interfere with one’s zzzzzzz’s.

I’ve only come to realize today that I’m right where I want to be. I’ve reached my marathon goal weight. I’m running with unbelievable ease. I’ve learned what I’ll need to bring along with me on race day. I’ve found all the right supplements, drinks, clothing, sneakers, socks, etc. that work for long runs. All I need to do now is pray for perfect weather. That is kind of ironic considering I’m a meteorologist.

And I’m ready to taper. My body is kind of craving it. I didn’t follow Hal’s program to the “T” and I found that on the weeks where I took a little “break”, my body responded gleefully. With one week left of hard training, there is no doubt in my mind that I’ll need that final taper. All I need to do for these last 29 days is accept that the marathon will happen. I will run it. And I will finish it. I have no doubts about any of that.

And I believe that is all I need to know.

Today, I ran 8. It’s funny, because as much as I wanted to run that 8 today, it took me forever to get out the door. Once again, the weather has turned in Minnesota. And despite the blazing sunshine this morning, it was darn chilly. I looked at that thermometer a dozen times between 9:30 and 10:30 am this morning and all it did was rise from 44° to 50°. And the cold north wind made it that much worse. I opted for shorts and a tank. I rethought it and put on some arm warmers…then finally I decided to wear my sweat jacket at least to the end of the driveway before I headed down the road. But it was too cold to leave it behind. It isn’t a sweat jacket that I would normally run with and I didn’t want to double back to the house. So I kept it on.

By mile 3 or so, I tied it around my waist in a knot. It was actually still a bit cool, but I lived with it. And as I wrapped up my final mile, I had to pull it back on again. Crazy for this late in May, but not unheard of in Minnesota. I also decided not to wear compression sleeves as I’m already establishing the “tan thigh” syndrome normally reserved for golfers and old men who where black socks with their sandals. Those sleeves really do help a person keep warm. But they interfere with the summer sun.

I was supposed to run “pace” today, but found myself moving a little faster, probably because of the cooler temperatures. I felt great throughout, however. I barely tuckered out at all. In fact, I nearly ran a negative split.

For the remainder of my training, I’ll take it day by day, being careful not to tread faster than the 7.5 mph pace I ran today. That should be the fastest I go during this next month. I’m signed up for two shortie races between now and the marathon, and I’ll run them based on how I feel that day. No sweat. No worries. After all, it’s just a long run, right?

Have you ever over thought anything? Were you able to correct it before it messed too much with your mind?

4 Responses to Less than Thirty

  1. Al says:

    I like this a lot. We are both gonna be running are first full at the same race. I got my 20 on last Saturday nd my left foot was bothering me. Will be seeing a foot dr on Wednesday. Hope it feels better by next week so I can do a few short runs before race day. Good luck to you Theresa and ill see you at the finish line.

  2. Raina says:

    Sounds like you are in a sweet position right now for race day! All you have to do is maintain fitness and have fun….and don’t trip on anything (I always tell myself that).
    Hope you can get some good rest!

  3. Kristy says:

    Good luck at Grandma’s! I ran that marathon last year, its a great one! If you are into sight seeing, the area, and road from Deluth up along lake Superior is beautiful, lots of gorgeous hiking and waterfalls to see! Have fun!

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