So, I ran today

Yeah. I did. Spring returned to Minnesota despite a forecast to the contrary. I managed to get my desk work done at a reasonable time this afternoon to squeeze one in.

My plan today was to test the hammie. I think I’ll have an idea as to how I can run that half-marathon on Saturday if I give it a test drive.

But, no SPEED. Hard to control when the weather is so darn nice. But I did control it. I figured if I could keep it slow for the first half, I’d give myself permission to step it up the second half. I really practiced my form today and made damn sure I wasn’t running on my toes. My calves felt…and still feel great. This is good! One down, one to go. Now for the hammie…

I dressed in my CW-X Capri’s today. And I have to admit, I feel a difference when I wear them. It’s kind of like a stability thing. I just feel more stable and controlled below the waist. Maybe it is my imagination or maybe there really is something to them. The only problem is that they were warm. Too warm to wear when the temperature is above 55° and sunny. For me, that temperature means shorts. Now, I’m wondering if I should get the CW-X shorts for my marathon run. I’m definitely considering it. I have a 20% off coupon for Road Runner Sports so I may do it this week. I think it will help for that 26-miler.

CW-X Stabilyx Shorts

CW-X Stabilyx Shorts

To be honest, the hammie was no trouble at all until…and I kid you not, I took the very last step of my run. It felt kinda like an electric shock under my butt. Then as soon as it comes, it leaves with the next step. It is SO FREAKIN’ WIERD. I’m going through the ice and heat routine now, because that has certainly helped it. The fact that I made it over 6-miles today proves that. But what was with that last step?

I’ll continue to take it easy this week, but I’ll take advantage of the weather. If I can get a few shorties in, I’ll feel better about Saturday.

Today’s Run Data

Do you wear anything during your runs that you SWEAR makes you a better runner? Please share it with me!

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