A week in review

If you follow me on facebook, you may know that my sisters were in town this past week. And although I managed to keep up with my workouts, blogging them…well, that just didn’t happen. Instead, I turned off my work computer and enjoyed the time with them. We ate, and shopped, and ate, and shopped, and ran a 5K together! But, I hate goodbyes. And today was especially hard. I thought that if I blogged about my running, maybe I’d feel a bit better about the whole thing.

I managed to stay on schedule doing a 12 miler on Saturday. Looking back on it today, I don’t quite remember it all. But I’m pretty sure it went well. I know I felt fine afterwards, and sometimes that is all that matters. Sunday was a “rest” day, and although I spent much of the morning cleaning house, I managed to rest as best I could. My sisters arrived early afternoon that day.

Monday was P90X and a treadmill walk. It is funny, but I notice now that those treadmill walks may be irritating the hamstring. I did that walk at 4.0 mph. Last week, when I was down to 3.6-3.8 mph, it didn’t seem to flare up as much. So, perhaps, if I even get on the treadmill in the next three weeks, I’ll just power down the speed.

Tuesday was a 5-miler in the rain…not a hard rain, but enough water to get pretty wet.

Wednesday, my sisters and I headed to a local park. And although Hal said to go 5, I ended up going 6.5 only because it was 2-laps around a lake. It seemed silly to just go 1.5 laps and then quit, so I just finished it off. I managed to do it at 10k pace, too…so that ended up being a great run.

Thursday, 5 more miles…no probs there.

Friday, P90X with my sister, then a day at the MOA. All in all it was a rather restful week for me. I’m pretty guilty of eating way too much, and I’m feeling the drag today. For sure, tomorrow starts a complete detox. I have three weeks to get it together before the marathon!

Saturday, we did a local 5K. The initial plan was to run it with my older sister, while my middle sister walked it. But a calf injury meant both sisters would walk. They did great, however! And they both were able to jog a little bit of it as well, finishing it in about 40 minutes! So proud of them!


My runmeter wasn’t set up to give me announcements, so it was officially my first run cold turkey. I just ran out of comfort. I know I started a bit slow, and I know I was moving and grooving the last mile. I finished it in 22:34 which is a 5K PR for me, plus I finished first in my age group. Not too shabby!

So, my week ahead will be mainly recovering from my week past. That is OK though…nothing like a little re-dedication so late in the game. I’m ready!

I’ve been contacted to do a giveaway, too! As soon as I get my goodies, we’ll get that rolling!!

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  1. Congrats on the AG win and PR!

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