Changing it up

I ran today. Thank GOODNESS! Depression was setting in. There has been no sun here and the temperatures struggle to get even close to 60°. The fog has made it downright dangerous to the road runner. I just don’t trust my fellow man behind the wheel with today’s technology in his fist and fog in his sights.

But I had to get out there before I went insane.

The conditions were clear enough to attempt it this morning, and I actually spied some blue sky overhead! Hallelujah!

My plan this week would actually be considered to be rather drastic by some, perhaps. I decided to change up my socks.

Why? Well, because I forgot how much I like compression socks…not compression sleeves…but socks. See, I have more sleeves than socks because I swear by my toe socks. So I like to wear them with the sleeves. But I happened to put the socks on this week after my 20-miler, and I realized what I may have been missing.

CEP Compression Socks

CEP Compression Socks

So, I tried running in them. And lo and behold…they are wonderful!

Therefore, I’m changing it up. Compression socks from here out until the marathon. After that, I’ll have to strip them in lieu of tanning the legs below the knee because they are getting pretty dang white!

And I’ll also have to rethink my marathon attire…because I need to match…from top to bottom. (This is the OCD me…) I have the white and pink pairs…I need yellow. Neon Yellow. Do I have time to order them?!?

Another thing I did today was carry my iPhone in my FlipBelt.

Flip Belt

Flip Belt-It really isn’t see through…this is just for advertising…

I’ve been having some issues with my left arm which I realized this week becomes exasperated by wearing my phone on my arm. Since I now have the Mophie Power Pack on my phone, it weighs quite a bit more. I can’ t help but wonder if this is making my condition worse. I could wear it on my right arm, but just for the heck of it, I put it in the belt. It worked out fairly well…as long as I had my hydration belt on below it. It kind of acts like a buffer to keep the FlipBelt from sliding down to my hips. I think that this set up will be a winner!

So, just a few change ups this week that will stick with me until the marathon. My next post, I’ll tell you what is staying…for SURE…and what I’m bringing with on my run.

Here is my run data from today. I did 12 miles, as instructed. This is pretty much the last run over 10 miles until the marathon!

What do you carry with you on your long runs that you just can’t do without?

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  1. Something I’ve used when I didn’t have access to water is the Nathan Trail Mix belt which holds 40 oz. and has a pocket large enough for my phone. How exciting to be only 13 days out from the marathon!

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