Marathon Recovery

Finished! Grandma's Marathon 2013

This is probably the oddest week I’ve ever had. No…scratch that. The second oddest week. The first would probably be the week before I ran the marathon. This one is a close second.

I’m going through the same gamut of emotions I did last week, but almost in reverse. It is quite bizarre. I go from complete euphoria to downright sadness within an hours time throughout the day. When I get the chance to be completely alone, like on the walk that I took yesterday and today, I’m filled with pride and disbelief. I run through the marathon over and over in my head, trying to remember things that perhaps I’ve forgotten. Or maybe a tidbit of information that I can take with me on my next long run. I think about how and when I’ll run my next, and wonder if I could possibly repeat what I just did.

But then, other times, I feel physically and mentally exhausted. And my left leg hurts. And my calves are stiff and tight. And I wonder if I’ll ever run again.

It is funny, but I have no urge to run. Even while on the walks today. There was nothing in my that seemed to set my feet off into even a light jog.

Perhaps this is why the sadness is coming in.

  • I don’t want to run right now.
  • I’m not running right now.
  • Not running makes me sad.

I should have been a psychologist.

I’m trying to keep as busy as I can. I’ve been on my feet a lot. And I think that helps with the recovery. Sitting for long periods of time in front on this computer does me no good. I stiffen up, I get more sore, my brain starts to freeze up, I can’t remember what I was doing, I get side tracked and end up on Facebook or Twitter, and I become quite useless. I have been getting to bed rather early, however, and sleeping rather well. My appetite has returned to where it was before taper week. I swear, I was so damn hungry in the few weeks before the marathon, I swear I put on 5 pounds in the last 10 days, although I have no proof of this.

Maybe it’s just hormones, or lack thereof. Maybe it is the downside of the runner’s high. Maybe there is such a thing as post-marathon depression. If any of you have heard of such a thing, please, fill me in!

All I know today is that Hal says I can run tomorrow. Not much, just a shorty. Like a 2-miler. And I’m not even sure I want to do that. At least, not right now, at this very moment.

But that is likely to change.

Meanwhile, the photos came in. And I LOVE them. And I normally wouldn’t spend $60 on a bunch of photos…but I did this time!733743-1004-0005s copy

733750-1071-0001s (1) copy

733750-1071-0002s copy

733751-1116-0050s copy

733751-1117-0001s copy

733754-1018-0009s copy

733754-1018-0010s copy

733755-1048-0032s copy

733759-1032-0034s copy

733763-1119-0018s copy

733766-1251-0018s copy

733766-1251-0019s copy

733766-1251-0020s copy

733769-1029-0020s copy

733773-1122-0015s copy

733773-1122-0016s copy

733774-1014-0048s copy


Many of the were taken in succession. I’m sure the fact that I stood out among the other racers helped, especially with the foggy conditions. But I ran a good portion of it alone. And clearly, that helped, too.

What an experience! Just seeing the photos again makes me happy and puts me back into a euphoric mood!

Pinch me. I ran a marathon.



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