Marathon Training Special

Runner's World Special Edition Cover

I was so dang excited to find this in Runner’s World Magazine this month! I was reading the article Lessons Learned, enjoying it immensely, I might add…when I stumbled upon the line see “A Good Pace to Run a Marathon” on page 50. WHAT?!? I was on page 52. How did I miss THAT?

I immediately went back and there it was…in bold print. My answer! OMG, I get it now. I think I can make this work!

In case you do NOT get Runner’s World Magazine (which you should), here is what it says.

During Mile 1, Run 60 seconds slower than marathon pace
During Mile 2, Run 30 seconds slower than marathon pace
During Mile 3, Run 15 seconds slower than marathon pace
During Mile 4-5, settle into goal pace
During Mile 6-13, gently pick it up 5-10 seconds faster than goal pace
During Mile 14-20, 5-10 seconds faster than goal pace
During Mile 21-25, try to hold onto pace
During Mile 26, dig deep and finish strong!

Lightbulb moment...

Lightbulb moment…

OMG, I think I can do this…maybe…perhaps…

I need to figure out how to get it into Runmeter. I know the Cliff Bar Race Team will be pacing Grandma’s Marathon and I had planned to slip into the 3:45 group. I wonder if this is how they do it…or will I be completely thrown off?

Well, this little nugget of information will keep my awake a while tonight. But I’m so glad I found it because it looks totally doable. Maybe I can kick this thing after all!

What nugget of information can you share about running your best race ever?

5 Responses to Marathon Training Special

  1. Celia Varga says:

    …but, you already ‘have’ it. You did your last 20 without even hitting a wall. You weren’t even sore afterwards. Did you change your goal to a faster time?

  2. Celia Varga says:

    ..and you can def do it with Runmeter.

  3. Well, I set it up. I guess since I really can’t “test” it until race day, I’m a little nervous that it would run correctly. I just have 2 and 3 milers left this week.

  4. Thanks for sharing! I am training for my first marathon so this is very helpful

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