Twenty, Schmenty!

Yep. Did my 20-miler today. Despite the fact that the morning began with a little P90X. The hubster wanted to get it done, so I abided. Then, I finished half a protein bar, half a banana, suited up, and off I went.



Temps were in the upper 50s with some sunshine. Perfecto! I dressed for success…shorts and a tank. I put sunscreen on, but just found out it wasn’t enough as I dressed for bed. Ooops! Gotta be more careful next time.

My Weapons

My Weapons

I brought along my Huma Chia Gel in two flavors, Apple Cinnamon and Strawberry, a Vega Energy Gel in Orange, a Picky Bar, and a bag of Snap Candy that I never got to try. I also wore a different waist belt. This one holds two larger bottles. But, I learned after a mile that I likely won’t wear it again. It was quite heavy when both bottles were full, and it sure did slosh around a lot. It wasn’t all THAT bad. But, I’d rather have the lighter one for these runs.

Giant Waist Pack

Giant Waist Pack

I also put on a brand new pair of Brooks Pure Cadence, in neon yellow. These will be the sneakers I wear for the marathon and it was time to break them in.

Neon is my color!

Neon is my color!

I loaded up my iPhone with podcasts, finished my coffee, and off I went.

I started super slow. Seriously, I felt pretty good. I didn’t really care how long it took me to complete this today. I just wanted to complete it. I had no expectations. I did try to stay close to a 8:30 pace. And in the early goings, there were times where I was in the 7:00’s and I had to pull back.

I had a route planned out in my head, and it worked out quite well. In fact, the halfway point ended up right outside a public restroom. Thank goodness for this, because I wouldn’t have been able to go the distance without the pee pee stop!

The cooler weather meant that I drank less fluids, so I had plenty for the journey. And I ended up downing just two energy gels; the Huma Apple Cinnamon and the Vega Orange. I had one bottle filled with plain H2o and the other with CytoMax. I have to admit I really like that CytoMax. It is quenching, and it does something for you.

The podcast kept the run interesting and kept me at pace. And I really didn’t have any issues with the run until the final 3 miles. Much of it was uphill and although I had no trouble holding back (I was getting pretty fatigued), I managed to regenerate with every downhill that followed. I did have to tack on an extra mile at the end as I hit the end of my road at the 19-mile mark. I hate when that happens, but I tried not to let it phase me.

I kept asking myself if I could go 6 more. And I believe I could. If I hadn’t done the P90X and had started the run at 8:30am rather than 10:30am, I’m thinking I’d easily cover the 26.

Soooooooo, final long run is done. Now it is taper time. And pamper time, I think. I need a pedicure for sure…and right now, a few Advil wouldn’t hurt. Maybe a massage? Hmmmmmmm…

How often do you pamper yourself after a successful run?

10 Responses to Twenty, Schmenty!

  1. Lori B says:

    Great job! 🙂

  2. What do you think of the huma energy gels? I’m having trouble finding a more organic one to use. And good for you! I’m down in 80+ weather so running 20 miles in 50 degree temps sounds amazing!

    • Hi Lora! To be honest, right now the Huma are my ultimate favorite. I do like Vega, as well. They are both all natural without that artificial taste and they sit well in the tummy. I highly recommend them!

  3. I’d like to try the Huma gels. I like Cytomax. The Denver Rock ‘n Roll Marathon handed that out so I trained with it. To run 20 after a P90X workout sounds tough, but it didn’t seem to phase you. You must be ready for your marathon!

  4. I bet that feels good! Taper time! Love the new shoes!

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