Crying Uncle

I hate being wrong. No, strike that. I can handle being wrong, I just hate ADMITTING I’m wrong. Or rather admitting self-defeat.

It’s time to cry “uncle” and go see a professional. I’ve been having this hamstring issue in my left leg since about April. Actually, I’m not even sure it IS my hamstring. Sometimes it is my inner thigh, sometimes it is my butt. Sometimes it is my hammie, and sometimes it is my outer thigh. It’s kinda all over, but never in all places at once. I’m pretty sure it is like a spasm because it can be just fine most of the time, then for no reason I’ll get a localized pain in any of said named places. When I run, it can be sore to start, but then I ease into it and it fades away. If I go longer than five miles, it fades back in again, sometimes making it difficult to land on that left leg. After the run and stretching and rolling, it is OK again. Then a few hours later, the spasms return. I’m out of ideas and I’ve exhausted all the information I could find on the internet. I’ve even tried KT Tape. But when I tape my inner thigh, the pain reverts to my hammie. When I tape my hammie, it reverts to my outer thigh. I’d end up taping my entire leg before I solved anything. It’s starting to get me down…and that isn’t good.

I wanted to take a run-cation and just rest it, but I find it hard to do. I just want to move. I can’t stay sedentary. I just can’t tolerate it. I see someone running and it freaks me out. We took a few days and headed north. I was so good and I didn’t run at all. In fact, my last run was 3 days before we left. But we got home early enough Saturday that I just had to get out there. Sunday the weather was so damn nice, I ran again. And by Sunday night, I regretted it.

I did get my Focus T-25 DVD’s in the mail last week and decided to give that a try. I just LOVE the workout, and it doesn’t seem to bother my leg at all. In fact, I did it last week instead of running. So, I will try ever so hard to just stick with that workout and stay away from the run until I see the doctor. I plan to call first thing in the morning. My husband isn’t crazy about chiropractors/sports doctors, but I met one at a local event recently who helped my with my elbow pain and gave me his card. He is fit, works out and is a runner so I know he will give me an answer I want to hear if I can still logistically run. If not, well, then I’ll have to bite the bullet and rest it out. (((((sigh)))))

So it is time to cry “uncle”. I’ll keep you posted.

Hood to Coast Movie Poster

Hood to Coast Movie Poster

Meanwhile, my sister, The Petite Pacer, suggested I watch Hood to Coast. Well, damn her. Because now I want to do it. And I’m sure she does too. This means we need 10 more people on our team. C’mon…I know you want to!

Hood to Coast Course Map

Hood to Coast Course Map

Hood to Coast is a 198 mile relay course from Mt. Hood to the coast of Oregon. 12 people form a team, and each person runs 3 legs of the race. The race starts in waves, with the slowest teams going first. This means that most everyone will cross the finish at about the same time. It looks kind of fun! And the teams take on themes of their own. They follow each other in a van and hand off at every leg, spending their down time following their teammates in their vans…If you haven’t seen it, it is a must for any runner! Then after you do, call me. Let’s get this team registered!

Have you seen Hood To Coast? Did it just make you crazy to want to be there in the action?

7 Responses to Crying Uncle

  1. Tania conwell says:

    Omg! I had the same exact injury! The pain lasted 8 months and is just now resolving. It was at its worst when I would drive or sit.

  2. Celia Varga says:

    Have the doc check your lumbar spine for disk impingments. I would suggest spending time every morning stretching out your back.

  3. Oh, how frustrating! I hope you get some answers on what’s going on and how it can be fixed.

  4. A.S.E. says:

    I have seen the documentary (which I agree was fun & motivational) AND I’m running the race in three weeks! I’m so psyched and scared! 🙂

    Good luck with your hamstring. Hopefully, it’s minor & you’ll have a quick recovery!

  5. Wendy Pippin Fesmire says:

    Hood to Coast is on my Bucket List-I really want to do it!!!

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