Neon Roadkill

Neon Fishing Leaders

Last week we had the opportunity to get out of town…free! Gotta love that! Of course, I packed everything we’d need for a week, even though we were only staying 3 days. That included EVERYTHING. Except my running shoes. DOH!

Regardless, I had my new Saucony Ride 6’s on hands, although I only walk in them. They’d have to do. Because the Grand Rapids roads were a’callin me forth.

The last day of our trip I headed out for a 6-miler and as I made my way back down the road where we were staying, I ran into my husband who was headed out for a walk of his own, and I asked him if he wanted some company. He said yes. So, a cool down walk was added to my running program.

It was nice to just have some time alone with him and we chatted about this and that. What I didn’t know about my husband is that he is a road-picker. Anything that looked intriguing, he picked up and examined, perhaps as a treasure he could put in his back pocket and take along with him. It was kind of funny and unexpected. Now, I might look at something briefly as I pass it by. And I run a lot on main roads. But I don’t recall ever picking something up, examining it, and taking it along with me. Most of what I see is either dead or squashed beyond recognition.

It ended up being a longer walk than I expected. And as we neared the place where we could turn around, I noticed something neon on the ground. I ignored it, as I am not a road-picker. And a few feet further up, there was yet another neon treasure! That one did not get past my husband, and he picked it up.

“Look at this! A fishing leader! And it is brand new,” he said. “You know how this got here. Someone left it on the dash of their boat and it blew off in the wind,” he tells me. “Put it in your pocket! This will come in handy when we go fishing in a few weeks.” He hands it to me, and I notice it has a $1.99 sticker on it. Wow! A 2-dollar neon treasure that we can actually use! Then I thought about the one I passed up. I bet that was a second leader!

We turned around about a quarter of a mile further, and as we passed the roadside where the first treasure was found, I just had to cross the highway to see if the other one that I spotted was the same. Yeah, OK…don’t judge me yet.

I’ll be…it is! Another leader! That is now a 4-buck find. Clearly, this is the most lucrative walk I’ve ever taken!

Neon Fishing Leaders

Neon Fishing Leaders

My six mile run turned into an 11-mile total workout, but I came out of it a richer fisherman. Or woman…thanks to my road pickin’ husband.

Have you ever found any treasures during your run? What did you do with them?

2 Responses to Neon Roadkill

  1. Occasionally a bit of change but more than likely empty plastic bottles, etc. I sometimes do a short recyclables trash run the night before our recycling pickup. Hope you have a good time using the lures.

  2. Very entertaining post! I haven’t ever found anything more than a quarter which I did stop to pick up. I have seen some peoples running logs actually have a section titles road finds! ūüėČ

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