Obsessed + Overtrained = Worst Run Ever

Road Closed Sign

Yep. It’s time to confess. I’m toast. I’m defeated. I’m sore. I’m pooped.

It was a long, cold, lonely spring and I ran some very hard races within just a few months. I came out of my first marathon so elated with myself. I thought I could just keep pushing through the summer and continue training. But I have to face reality.

And sometimes reality bites.

Everything from the waist down hurts. My run today was more of a labor of love, than anything else. Or a labor of stupidity. Either or, it can sometimes be the same. It was ironic that I was listening to a podcast on over-training as I was running this morning. I heard myself mumbling out loud “yes, this is me…yes, this is me…yes, this is me. Dang it!”

So, where do we go from here? I have two Saturday runs back to back and I’m now obsessing over whether to run them at all. If I do, they will be two of the only runs I do until the end of July. I seriously have to chill for a while.

And to be quite honest, I’m ok with it. I think I deserve the break. If I continue with my P90X and watch my diet carefully, I should come out of it just fine. I just need to find other things “active” to do. I might pull out my bike, or maybe I’ll see how much it costs to do some laps at the pool. But it’s gotta be something other than running for a while.

Maybe I’m overreacting. Maybe after just a week off, I’ll feel better. But if you asked me today on that seemingly long and lonely run, I’d say it might take longer than a week.

And about today’s run…I wanted to do just 4-miles, but for some reason, my Runmeter would update me twice in a row…once for the half mile and once for the mile…back to back, so after I thought I ran 2 miles, it immediately gave me the 2.5 mile update. So already, I had gone .5 miles too far. Turning around now meant a 5-mile run. I had to stop soon after mile 4 and walk the rest anyway because I was that whooped.

Today’s route took me down a road in my hood that is supposedly closed due to construction. I’m amazed at how may people drive down a “closed” road. Is it because they don’t believe the signs? Or do they just want to test fate?

Road Closed

Road Closed

This road is CLOSED people!

However, it is a glorious Minnesota morning. Not a cloud in the sky. And with this run taking me over the interstate, I felt compelled to snap a photo. Clear as the eye can see!

Interstate 35 looking north

Interstate 35 looking north

I think now that I among the circle of some great running blogs, reading their posts everyday gets me excited and pumps me up to the point where I think I can do anything! I read about runners racing back to back weekends all summer long. And they do just great! Then, I dig deep, looking for their bios and I realize they are 10-15 years younger than me. OMG. I’m gonna kill myself! I can’t keep up with these ladies and men! They are way younger than I am. I’m lucky to be doing what I’m doing as it is. It is time to reassess. And yes, it is time for a break.

I have a feeling that my house is going to get very, VERY clean over the next few weeks!

Have you ever over-trained? What were your symptoms? How did you recover?

11 Responses to Obsessed + Overtrained = Worst Run Ever

  1. Celia Varga says:

    After a break, you’ll come back stronger! It just happens that way!
    I commend you for your wisdom!

  2. Celia Varga says:

    What podcast were you listening to?

  3. Gigi says:

    Sometimes you need a break for your body and your mind. You will come back stronger than ever.

  4. Sucks eh?! We can pull back some together! I was just working on a post about my recovery update. 😉

  5. Good for you! Rest and recovery is just as important as training. Rest is the period your body rejuvenates and gets stronger. You need both and sometimes it can be hard finding the balance. Take as least a weeks rest and then when you start again do an easy run for your first run. Remember to put in easy days as well as the intense days and once in a while it is OK to take a couple of days off or do something else. 🙂

  6. carolyn says:

    Hey! I’m following you on bloglovin now! I’d love if you follow back! I must not have seen it before!

    I am all about a well deserved break. Our bodies need a rest! Pull out your bike, go for a swim, those are great alternatives. You’ll be surprised too that when you are ready to go for a run again, it won’t take much to pick right back up where you were. And if you are done training for your race, let up on the miles… find the joy again!

    I like to let up a bit after I’ve trained for something big. The continuous push is exhausting!

    You are fabulous!


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