The beguilement of the bagel

The Beckoning Bagel

I’m a glutton for punishment. But I’ve also got willpower. Apparently, a lot of willpower. You see, Sunday’s are a special day around our house. Especially the Sundays that our daughters serve or acolyte at mass. Afterwards, we take a drive to a nearby market and let them pick a donut and a bagel to have for breakfast. There was a time not too long ago where I allowed myself the same indulgence.

However, since changing my entire diet near the start of the year, donuts and bagels did not make the cut. Yes, they are glutenous gut bombs for me. And as much as I enjoyed eating them, my digestive system makes it very clear that I’m not supposed to.

Ah, but the allure…that damn bagel beckons. Why do they have to leave one behind? Is it to torture me? Is it to tempt me? Perhaps it just means they are saving it for breakfast tomorrow. The agony.

Funny, I have realized that since I have gone gluten free, it is not so much the bread I miss, rather something to put my butter on. I love butter. I always have. I’ve never bought a stick of margarine…ever. Slathering butter on anything makes me giddy. I have a loaf of gluten-free bread I keep in the freezer for such an occasion. It doesn’t happen often, but God help me…it happens. And when it does, someone pass the butter.

This particular Sunday, however, that bagel was mocking me. I saw it! Seriously, I did. And it took everything I had to ignore it. It even begged me to photograph it…in all it’s glory. And insisted I blog about it. Damn bagel.

I have only one thing to say. Pretty soon, you’ll be history. Pretty soon, you’ll be nothing but a bag of crumbs. Pretty soon, I’ll be proud that I passed you up, Mr. Gluton Gut Bomb. At least, until next Sunday rolls around.

The Beckoning Bagel

The Beckoning Bagel

Have you completely cut a food out of your diet? Do you still crave it?

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  1. Brian Baker says:

    I, too, have been beguiled thusly! By bagels as well! And Big Macs, KFC, most kinds of beer, pizza and many others I’m sure you are familiar with as well. We have gluten-eaters in our family also who seem to have no qualms about leaving their remnants around, within easy each and much willpower is required. What makes it even more difficult is that gluten wasn’t particularly a problem with me (that I’m aware of), I went gluten-free primarily to be in sync with what my wife was eating. Being GF does mean that I have a reason to avoid many things I would eat only because they happened to BE there…and looked yummy! At this point, thank goodness, the cravings for the most part have died down (fingers crossed!)

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