Give me an inch…

and I take 10 miles. I’m a glutton for punishment, I tell ya. I get the green light and I literally take it for all it’s worth.

For those who don’t keep up with my running, I have had an upper thigh issue kind of lingering since April…which I finally saw an orthopedic for yesterday. X-Rays showed great looking hips and bones, and no visual trouble whatsoever. But a little poking and prodding revealed a butt issue, which is likely causing all of the extraneous aches and pains from there on down. The non-technical term I was given was “Tendinitis of the Butt.” Leave it to me to get this kind of diagnosis. The technical term is high hamstring tendinopathy or proximal hamstring tendonitis. There is not a lot that can be done for it. It is one of those nondescript type of injuries that won’t necessarily get better by not running on it, nor by running on it. It’s just gotta heal. Physical therapy may help. But it may be more for my sake than for the sake of my butt. Regardless, I got the OK to keep running as long as it was comfortable for me.

I couldn’t wait to get out there this morning. But, for some unGodly reason, my childrens’ dentist office thought it would be extremely funny if it scheduled my girls for a 7:30am cleaning appointment today. Ba ha ha ha! I laughed all the way there from the time my alarm rang at 5:30am this morning. My girls thought it was pretty darn hilarious, as well. Of course, I could have rescheduled, but this would have meant waiting another month or so, thus putting us into the new school schedule. That would be a NO GO, at this point. So, we suffered through it.

We took the opportunity to run some errands as well, while all was still rather quiet with the world, then headed back home. At which time, the sky opened up to a few showers. Wouldn’t you know it. This was to be a long run. I decided last night to go for it today thinking if the leg hurt too much, I could get the hubster to rescue me as he has done before…but alas, as it was, I had to wait for the dispersal of the showers. Or did I? It is just water, for goodness sake. And the morning isn’t getting any longer. Time to just do it.

I dressed in neon, as always, and bundled up to get down to the end of our driveway. We have been inundated with mosquitoes this season. Just walking out of our house means an onslaught of blood thirsty villains zeroing in on any exposed piece of skin. This would include up your nose, and inside your ears. They’ve even been know to fly up your shorts in a sure sign of desperation. Brutal, I tell you.

Minnesota State Bird

Minnesota State Bird

Once at the end of my driveway, I can shed the excess clothing and leave them on the gate, this way they are ready to don again to make the walk back to the house. Anyone watching this hideous scene at my mailbox might think I’m completely insane, but it is absolutely necessary, lest I run with bug spray applied…which I will NOT do. Inevitably, the stuff ends up in your eyes. Not fun. Besides, once I’m clear of the woods, and on the main highway, the mosquitoes are a dead issue.

I decided to take a rather regular out and back route which I can stretch to ultimately any length. At first, my brain said 7, which is what I ran Tuesday. But I left the option open to go a little further. And since things were going just peachy at the 3.5 mile mark, I crossed CR-27 and kept heading west.

The leg was OK. Not great, not awful. Just OK. And I powered up on bits before I left the house so I have to admit I was feeling rather springy. I concentrated on keeping my stride short and light and tried not to concentrate on speed. But I was surprised to hear Runmeter announce some of my paces along the way. I was running faster than marathon pace, and not quite at half marathon pace, yet still feeling just great! I’m sure the addition of Focus T-25 is helping with my lung capacity, because as far as that went, there was no issue. And if it weren’t for the Tendinitis of the Butt that I have been diagnosed with, I do believe my legs were feeling immensely stronger as well. This is both an upper and a downer. It is an upper because I may have found the workout to put my speed over the top. It is a downer because I have an injury that will take a while to heal so I won’t really realize the full effects for quite a while. But, with a 10-day vacation approaching, I’m hopeful the break will be enough to speed up that healing.

Tonight, my leg is sore. I’ll roll it out a little after dinner. And I may be a wimp and take some Advil. But I got the run in, and at a pace to write home about. I don’t plan to run again until maybe Saturday. Or, I may just T-25 it instead.

Are you a glutton for punishment or are you a good doo-bee who LISTENS to your body?

4 Responses to Give me an inch…

  1. Celia Varga says:

    They diagnosed you with that and said you can continue running with it? Wow.

  2. Those mosquitos sound awful! Can you get one of those electric devices that zap them?

    I try to listen to my body. Even though it’s hard, I’m trying to keep the big picture in my mind – it’s annoying to slow down for the short term, but I’ll be so much more upset if I do something that will keep me out of the game for longer periods of time, so I see it as a small price to pay.

    I hope your butt feels better soon.

  3. Jen says:

    Ouch, I have been dealing with the same injury for a long time, in and out of rehabing and it sucks! I too fail to listen to my body until it is awful 🙁
    I hear you on the mosquitoes, after a run the other day we were covered!

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