I Am Superhuman…well…maybe. Quest Bar Winners Announced.

What a weekend! We arrived home on Thursday just to realize that the temperatures in Minnesota are even hotter than those in Florida. What a rude homecoming. Regardless, after running every day down south, I came home physically exhausted to say the least and I looked forward to a rest day on Friday, which might I add was long and coming.

Of course, it is all about catch up when one returns from a vacation. The cupboards and the refrigerator are bare. And the natives are hungry. So, bright and early, I decide to tackle the chore of restocking. I head to the basement kitchen to take inventory of what I do have, just to find an inch of water on the kitchen floor and black drips running down the face of all my cabinets. What the hell? This can’t be good. Cue the husband, who immediately guesses the problem and is right on. A pinhole leak in the water heater pipe ever so slowly sprayed water towards the ceiling of the basement, which in turn ran down the walls and cabinets and down to the tile floor. What a mess. A few deep breaths after the four letter words flew, and I went on with my day as planned. There was no point in stopping to clean it up now until all the dripping ceased. May as well just move forward.

So, that meant food shopping followed by preparing a few meals in advance for the weekend.

I was sooooooo glad to have gotten a text message from my friend Dawn later that afternoon asking me if I was running the Minnesota Zoo Tracks 5K the next day because to be honest, I wasn’t quite sure I wanted to do it. She was the kick in the pants I needed to go and run the dang thing. I knew it wouldn’t be easy considering the heat, but just the thought of some girlie time with my girlies afterwards was enough for me to do the run.

I got to bed early Friday, which wasn’t hard, considering how exhausted I still was. My calves were kind of sore from the running I had done in Florida so I took a couple of Advil before I went to bed and a shot of my Recovery Bits. I got up early the next day, dressed, and got ready to run, bringing along a shot of EnergyBits which I consumed about a half hour before the start of the run.



Yep. It was already warm, but there was a pretty nice breeze that felt like it cooled the air about 10 degrees or so. I had already decided that I would just wing the run. I had no plan in the back of my head except to go out slow and try to negative split the run.

I can tell you right now that I went out kind of fast. At least, faster than I would have liked. It was almost an out and back kind of run, so there was a turn around point. By the time I reached that at a mile and a half, I found a groove, and a couple of runners that I hung with for a time. There was a fellow that I passed somewhere near mile 2 and I heard him curse to himself as I passed him. It was kind of humorous, and I knew I’d see him again because by now, I was huffing pretty good. The sun was now a factor, and it was making it uncomfortable to say the least. The breeze was no longer a help.

I kept telling myself to breathe out of my nose like I had been working on in Florida. But the difference between here and Florida is the humidity. For some reason, for me anyway, it is easier to breathe with more humidity. Go figure. Or perhaps it was because I was running so dang hard, I really found myself struggling. By mile 2.5, I heard Runmeter tell me I was running a sub 7:00 pace, so I knew I had made up some ground to PR this run. I just had to keep up the pace.

My buddy, the one who cursed at himself, passed me sometime soon after, but I didn’t have enough left to pass him again. He came in just seconds before I did. I saw a 21:something on the clock as I finished so I thought I did pretty well. But I was whooped. I gave him a pat on the back and said “Great run!” and he said, “You gave me a kick in the pants when you passed me! Thanks for that!” I told him that I wanted to pass him again but I was too old for that anymore. We laughed, congratulated each other again, and went our separate ways. I love runners.

My girlfriends PR’d their runs too. There is nothing more satisfying then having a successful run…in triplicate. A great day for a race was had by all!

When I got home, I checked my Runmeter data and was shocked to see that for almost a mile, I was sub 6:30 and had a few 5:50 moments! Wowsa! Now I know my friends at EnergyBits tell me many people think the bits have a placebo effect, but now, after using them quite regularly for over a month, I’m a believer in the benefits of algae. They are worth a try. And now you can buy a single serving to see if they are right for you! (Contact me if you are interested.)

So, the final results? 21:27 for a 5K, or a sub 7 minute pace…6:55. Amazed and proud. Just when I thought I couldn’t run any faster, my sister, The Petite Pacer immediately responds “Next time, under 20 minutes.” I love a challenge.

Sunday, I did get out for a 7-mile recovery run, but already the heat had built up, and I had to walk up the hills at the end. It felt good to shake it out though. And it makes me wonder when the heat will end.

Right now? No end in sight. I’m supposed to run a half marathon this Saturday, but I have decided to downgrade to a 10k. Somehow, running a tough 13 miles in 90 degree heat doesn’t sound appealing or smart. I’d rather join my friends in the shorter distance and enjoy the run.

Quest Bar Giveaway

Thanks to all who participated in the Quest Bar Giveaway! Two winners were chosen using Rafflecoptor and they are Cecil Vermule and Stephanie Ann! Please contact me at your earliest convenience with your addresses so I can get them to the wonderful folks at Quest Nutrition who allowed me to sponsor the giveaway!

We’ll host another giveaway soon!

Have you ever ran a race that completely inspired you to run another? As soon as possible?

8 Responses to I Am Superhuman…well…maybe. Quest Bar Winners Announced.

  1. Great race! I always want to sign up for another race as soon as one is done. 🙂

  2. drofen says:

    Well run, and some good natured ribbing to boot!

  3. Celia Varga says:

    Most awesome! How many years have you been running? I think I read somewhere that across the age groups, people continue to improve over 7-10 YEARS when they first start running and train consistently. So, you’ve got quite a way to go yet!

    • My friend Dawn got me started in May of 2010. We ran the Lakeville Pan-O-Prog 4 miler in July so that was my first run. My second was the Minnesota Zoo Tracks that year! So, that would be three years…Physically, I feel like I can still get some PR’s. I just have to survive the winter. LOL!

  4. Jen says:

    Great job! I am always inspired and want to run another as soon as I finish 🙂

  5. Good for you, Jen! Me too!! 😀

  6. Awesome run! I’m working on keeping myself at a 10:00 pace for longer. I can hit the 1st 2 miles, but for some reason the 3rd mile seems to get at me. That’s when I do my morning 3.5m runs, but when I do my long run I don’t seem to have as much of an issue. I think it’s all in my head.

    I’m amazingly happy to be a winner in your Quest giveaway! Congrats to Stephanie Ann as well!

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