The Unplanned Run Streak

A Florida Sunrise

I didn’t intend to start a run streak. It just kinda happened. To be honest, I’m not really sure why I’m running everyday. Maybe because I can? I mean, it is pretty dang hot and uncomfortable here in Florida, but the runs just seem to be falling in place. Besides, I feel as though I need to get the exercise everyday just so I can do a little extra indulging. And since running travels anywhere you do, it just seems to make sense.

Today was day 7. And despite the fact that it seemed cooler than yesterday, I swear I sweat more. It has to get done before 8:00am here in the heat and humidity. And my pace has certainly not been record breaking. But I have been enjoying the slower, sweatier runs this week.

During one run last week, I listened to a Runner’s Connect Podcast from August 14th. It talked about oxygen intake and how to do it more efficiently. I’ve been taking advantage of the slower paces to practice the techniques from the podcast. I’m learning more and more on this subject, and I’m convinced this is another way to improve the quality of my long runs. I’m excited to get back home and attempt them with my normal pace.

I’ve been averaging about 6 miles a day since I’ve been here in Florida. But they’ve been at an easy 9:00 mile average pace or so. And, I’ve been patient enough to roll out the thigh afterwards. As soon as we landed last week, I had my husband pick up a foam roller at Walmart. And I gotta tell you that for $14.77, it is a darn good foam roller. I like it better than the one I have at home.

But, all this talk about running is wearing me out. We have actually been vacationing as well! Today, we took the opportunity to visit the site where my husband and I were married 14 years ago. It turned out the original building burned down, but was rebuilt as an outdoor bar and restaurant, but a lot of it was very familiar. And boy, did it bring back memories. My husband and I always tell each other that we had the best wedding ever.

Snooks Bayside

Snooks Bayside

At Snooks Bayside

At Snooks Bayside

Next, off to the Atlantic side of Florida for a day at the beach and maybe a waterside cocktail.

Yep, life is good.

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6 Responses to The Unplanned Run Streak

  1. congrats on your accidental run streak! I have yet to achieve any type of running streak while on vacation. maybe someday…

  2. flowerjovia says:

    LOL, I have the Walmart Foam Roller and I love it! It is way better than any other foam roller I’ve purchased and when I tell people that they laugh but it’s true.

  3. My foam roller is walmart’s brand too! my WAS great….until my dog chewed it……………..

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