(Un)Tie the Knot

A Knot

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Oh, I know, I know…I said I wasn’t going to run. I’m such a kidder. I just can’t stay away. But here is the deal. I stuck to my guns for an ENTIRE week. Instead, I relied on P90X and Focus T-25 to burn my daily calories. Both of which kicked my butt, but especially that Focus T-25. Stay tuned for a product review about that workout.

Mad Men

Mad Men

But here is what happened and what led me to my run. Friday night I was laying on the sofa watching a Mad Men marathon. My husband and I clearly missed the boat on this series. Our daughter informed us that we just HAD to watch it so we started it a few weeks ago from Netflix. We are currently wrapping up Season 2 and I don’t know how this one got passed us. OMG, I’m even dreaming about it! Is it even possible that this started in 2007? Have I been living under a rock?!? But, I digress…as I often do…

Anyway, there I was lying on the sofa rubbing my butt. Now, I typically don’t make this a habit, but it was kinda tight. Lo and behold, I felt what seemed to me to be a giant KNOT. It felt like a tennis ball IN MY BUTT! Now HOW did that get there? As I watched Mad Men, I rubbed and rubbed on that knot. Gawd, it hurt, but I felt it releasing ever so slowly. In fact, by the time I got up off the couch, I was sure that my upper leg felt better. Could that be?

Garlic Knots

Garlic Knots like the ones we got from Mario’s Pizza in Oyster Bay, NY.

I put it to the test the next day, deciding that the weather was just TOO nice to keep it indoors. I figured that if I couldn’t jog it, I’d just finish it with a walk but by golly I ran it all…well almost all. I did have to stop a little short as I was just dang tired. I realized this must be because of the Focus T-25 I’d been doing all week. Funny thing is though, I did P90X Legs and Back on Friday, and had very little residual DOMS. This could either be because the Focus T-25 is making me stronger, or that NeoCell Collagen Sport Recovery Formula is doing a kick ass job. But again, I digress…I’ll get to that product later as well.

Sunday, I did a couple of Focus T-25 workouts and tried a run again today, this time waiting a few hours after the P90X workout, and the run was smooth as silk. The kicker though, is that there was no pain in my upper leg, rather it has now progressed to my lower leg. So, I will still plan to see my orthopedic guy Wednesday and see what he has to say about all of this. Now, the pain is not debilitating in any way. It is just a nuisance. However, I could see how it could get worse if I ignore it. I’m hoping he’ll prescribe some physical therapy and that will be the end of that.

In the meantime, I’ll keep rubbing out those knots during Mad Men. Seems rather fitting.

Are you addicted to a TV series? Which do you watch?

3 Responses to (Un)Tie the Knot

  1. Robert says:

    Sounds like a trigger point. Have you ever seen an ART practitioner? That or a good deep massage might work wonders…

  2. Ok, wait, I need to check out Mad Men. I’m always unsuccessfully browsing Netflix. Except for the documentaries, I tend to hate everything I click on lately.

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