The OrthoLite Experience – Part III

Passageway to my run

Oh yeah, baby. Today was promising to be the day from hell. Appointments from 9am until 5pm. Did that leave time for a run? Clearly, if I got up early enough and got my ass in gear, I might be able to squeeze it in. This meant getting out the door by 6:30am. I knew my husband would have something to say about it so I kind of whispered it under my breath…

“I’m going for a run. Let Jenna sleep in. I’ll wake her when I get home.”


More silence.

“You know…(here it comes)…it’s kind of dangerous to run this early. The light is low, and the crazies are out. It might not be such a great idea. Do what you want…but I’m just sayin’…” he says.

Yeah, I hear ya. But I’m going anyway.

I dressed in the brightest thing I could find that had long sleeves, anyway. Temperatures have been hovering near 50° in the mornings lately, and with the sun behind some morning haze, it wasn’t looking too toasty out there.

Today, I wore my OrthoLite insoles inside my Brooks Launch, and my Toe Sox, shorts and a long sleeved top. I also opted for my eye glasses as the sun wasn’t high enough for the sunglasses. Besides, it was looking rather dim still this early in the morning.

Passageway to my run

Passageway to my run

The view headed up to the paved road was stunning this morning, and the breeze was light but steady as I made my way east. It was going to be a good one. I had to ditch the speed work I had planned to do on the track at the girls school as suddenly there were just too many appointments to manage. The girls had to be two places at two different times and the hubster had appointments of his own.

So, instead of speed work, I just ran fast. It was my uphill going route, and downhill coming home route. Typically I struggle on the out as it is uphill for much of the run, but today, I just felt light, cool and free…I just ran. When Runmeter repeatedly told me I was in the 7’s, I was pleasantly surprised…even uphill!

I stopped briefly to snap a few photos. It truly was an amazing morning.

Morning sunrise

Morning sunrise

By three and a half miles and the turnaround, I was feeling whooped, but it was downhill for a good chunk home, so I became re-energized. I still paced in the 7’s until I reached the final mile and the final hill. I knew my heartrate was up there for this last mile, but it was the first time it got above 180, and deservedly so.

Everything felt great…hammies, knees, calves, shins, feet…cough it up to another great run in the OrthoLites. I’m pleased as punch. These insoles are clearly the goods. Get some. Or enter my giveaway to win some.

Can you see me now?

Can you see me now?

Did you run today? How did it go?

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