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My latest revelation. Despite my new and healthier lifestyle as a runner, exerciser and clean eater, I STILL eat a lot of crap! I’m guilty of the worst offense of all. TOO MUCH SUGAR.

No, I don’t add sugar to anything anymore, or at least I try not to. But I didn’t realize how much of it is in products that, as a runner, I think I should be ingesting. This comes in the form of energy bars and energy gels.

There are so many brands out there that sweeten their goods with good ol’ sugar. Granted, some studies show that the added glucose is good for running endurance, but in such concentrated amounts it can cause gas, bloating, belly aches, and worst of all, gastrointestinal inflammation which leads to…you guessed it…having to crap your pants at mile 16 or earlier! Who needs that?

Not only that, but what about the calories? We’ve been told as runners that we need all of these calories to carry us further in our runs. But how true is that? After all, the majority of us only burn about 90-100 calories per mile. Add on the 300 calories we may consume during our run, not to mention the 300 we may consume before AND after our run, and suddenly we’ve negated the weight loss benefits of the run!

It seems, that although we do need calories as runners to carry us further, do we really need it in the form of processed sugars and do we need that many? There must be a better way.

I’m not saying that ALL the products out there are guilty of putting processed additives in their goods. But, for the most part, many of them do. Knowing that sugar has over 56 different names, and that 80% of the food at your local grocery store contains at least ONE of them is a scary thought. Having to determine which ones are the best for you, or the ones that won’t cause stomach distress seems very daunting. Sometimes it may be easier to go back to nature.

A mini bowl of bits.

A mini bowl of bits.

EnergyBits are algae. There are no additives, no chemicals, no caffeine, no sugar, no gluten, and no artificial ingredients whatsoever. They are concentrated little bits of energy.  It is like having a salad and a steak in your hand…in pill form! Almost Jetson like!

A Handful of Bits

A Handful of Bits

How would I describe EnergyBits? Well, they don’t create a buzz. It’s not like caffeine, or a similar sensation typically caused by such an additive. It is way more subtle. You sort of feel like you just stepped out into the most glorious of days…refreshed and well hydrated. It’s almost a calm and collected feeling, and it brings on it’s own euphoria in a natural kind of way. You might think at first that there is no change at all. But then, once you start moving, you realize,

“This may go way better than I thought.”

And when it is over you think,

“Hey, I could’ve gone farther.”

And if you refuel with them after 45 minutes or so, you think,

“Is this a placebo effect or are this little green tablets really working?”

EnergyBits are made from a nitrogen based algae and since nitric oxide opens up your blood vessels, they give your brain a boost, too! So, not only to you feel the physical benefits from them, but you also feel a mental benefit! That is something you don’t get from an energy gel.

EnergyBits on the road

They take me where I want to go

The following information comes directly from the founder and CEO of EnergyBits. Please take the time to read it, because it is filled with some eye-opening information. Much of it, you probably already know. What you don’t know is that EnergyBits is all you need to fuel your running and fitness needs.

The Centers for Disease Control has stated that 98% of all chronic diseases (cancer, heart disease, diabetes etc) are a result of poor nutrition. They have also stated that 70% of all North Americans are malnourished. This is likely due to the fact that our soils are now depleted of minerals so our food crops simply do not contain as much nutrition as they used to, or are grown so far away that by the time they make to our dining table, they have lost a great deal of their nutritional potency. Eating healthy, safe, clean protein is also a problem because most cattle in North American are fed a diet of corn, which causes them to be acidic and prone to parasites and e-coli infections and also very fat which of course translates into high fat protein meals. As a result, many consumers and athletes turn to protein powders, soy, tofu and other processed proteins to get their protein needs met. Unfortunately these are not the best solution either because, well…they are processed and ultimately not healthy for a long list of reasons.

Fortunately, an easy, safe and nutritionally dense, high protein, low fat, low calorie, low carb solution exists. It’s ENERGYbits® spirulina algae tabs ENERGYbits® are proving to be the easiest and safest way for everyone, especially athletes to get their protein and nutritional needs met. ENERGYbits® are 100% organically grown spirulina algae – a food crop that has the highest concentration of protein in the world. The spirulina algae is grown in fresh water tanks that are tested daily for quality control, making them quite possibly the safest food in the world. Unlike processed proteins, ENERGYbits® have just ONE ingredient – spirulina algae. There is nothing else in them. And since they are dried without heat, they are not only a whole food but also a raw food since all the enzymes have been left intact. However the very best thing about ENERGYbits® is that they are 64% protein- which is virtually three times the concentration of protein found in steak, chicken or fish and they contain 40 other vitamins and minerals. Yet they are so tiny that they are easily carried in a pocket and a single serving of 30 tabs provides most of the protein and nutrition one needs for the day. In fact NASA has stated that “algae has 1,000 times more nutrition than any other fruits or vegetables”.

A single tab of ENERGYbits® contains 0.166 grams of protein so there are 5 grams of protein per serving of 30 tabs of ENERGYbits® (a single serving is 30 tabs). This may seem like a small amount of protein however ALL of the protein in ENERGYbits® is absorbed and is 99.9% bioavailable. The reasons for this are noted below. The key thing to understand is that the protein you absorb from 5 grams of ENERGYbits® is virtually the same as if you had eaten 50 grams of animal protein (which tends to take 2-3 days to be absorbed by the body and whose low bioavailabilty results in a very small percentage of the protein ever being absorbed). The PDCAAS score for ENERGYbits® is believed to be the highest score possible of 1.0 (the same as eggs).

  • The protein in our spirulina is “unstructured aminos” so the body does not have to break the protein down – the protein is already in amino acid form
  • Spirulina contains the highest concentration of natural protein in the world – the Germans won a Nobel prize for this discovery (ours have 64% protein)
  • Sprirulina is a complete protein -containing all the aminos the body cannot make
  • Spirulna is a balanced protein- containing all the aminos in proper proportion to what our bodies need (very similar to mother’s milk)
  • Spirulina contains 18 of the 22 aminos
  • All of the vitamins and minerals in spirulina, including all the B Vitamins are chelated (attached to the aminos) which allows them to be absorbed quickly. This is important because B Vitamins help with the conversion of protein to glucose and energy
  • Spirulina has no cellulose exterior which contributes to its rapid absorption
  • As a result of all the above, (and more), the protein in our ENERGYbits® spirulina is absorbed almost instantly, making its bio-availability close to 99.9%
  • Spirulina also has 40 other vitamins and minerals – all of which are essential for everyone’s health but particularly critical for those who have had bariatric surgery since their intake of food is so limited and it is difficult for them to obtain all of their RDA’s. The good news is that all this nutrition and protein comes in a VERY tiny tablet (about the size of a baby aspirin) so 30 tabs provide most of the nutrition needed for the day and easily fit into the diet (and stomach) of a bariatric patient. There is also VERY little fiber.
  • Additionally, ENERGYbits® are just ONE CALORIE per tab – making them very nutritionally dense yet low calorie and a perfect addition to any diet or weight loss program
  • And, ENERGYbits® are also a LOW CARB food. One ENERGYbits® tab contains 0.0475 grams of carbs so a single serving of 30 tabs contains just 1.425 grams of carbs , making them a perfect addition to a low carb diet/lifestyle.

They also contain NO sugar, caffeine or chemicals.The charts noted below illustrate the high concentration of protein and nutrients in ENERGYbits, all for virtually no calories, making them an excellent addition to everyone’s daily diet but particularly athletes.

Note: The opinions in this review belong to me, the author. I don’t accept payment in exchange for a review, but will accept a sample at no cost to provide honest opinions on such. This post may contain affiliate/referral links per my own discretion.

7 Responses to Why I'm #poweredbybits

  1. Tania conwell says:

    Wow. An energy bits commercial. They are ridiculously expensive. And we are talking about algae here.

    • Hi Tania! This is Jonathan from ENERGYbits – just wanted to let you know that we didn’t ask Theresa to post this – she wrote this entirely on her own in an effort to help other people learn about the benefits of whole foods based fueling rather than fueling with sugar and caffeine. We appreciate her passion and love for plant based nutrition!! Our bits break down to around $3 a serving, right in line with other fuels. Would love to share a sample with you to test out too. Feel free to reach out to me at jlevitt at energybits.com Have a great evening!

      • Tania conwell says:

        So sorry about that! Momentary lapse of judgement. I have 4 kids and a regular job and take online classes and I am training for a marathon (for a fantastic charity) I eat really well (organic fruit, veggies, beans and nuts) and supplements are completely not on my radar. You are all really nice people. Good luck in all of your upcoming races!.

  2. Actually, they aren’t as expensive as you think. If you price algae tabs at Amazon, they are about $27 for 200-250mg tabs. With EnergyBits you get 1000 tabs. So multiply that by 5 and you are getting the better deal with EnergyBits. PLUS, no additives! These on Amazon have fillers and don’t come from a contaminant free source. http://www.amazon.com/Source-Naturals-Blue-Green-Algae-Tablets/dp/B000GFHPNO/ref=sr_1_2?ie=UTF8&qid=1379969831&sr=8-2&keywords=algae

  3. Kyle Kranz says:

    I enjoy a few tablets every morning with my Vitamin D3 pill. As Jonathan said above, they are simply an extremely nutrient dense whole food.

    You pay a price for them, indeed. But it comes with possibly the highest quality and safest “supplement” available.

    Kyle @ SKORA Running

  4. […] mph for the last 5 minutes. Yep, tempo with a little speed.  Worked well. (Thank HEAVENS for my Energybits. I’m sure this wouldn’t have happened without them!) And let me tell you, I slept like […]

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