Running for a Cause – Athleta Unleash the She 10K Recap

Athleta Unleash the She10K

There are people in your life you just connect with. Typically, there is something similar going on between two people, and their lives, that makes them click. It could be a hobby, a situation, a proximity, a cause, or even running.

A dear running friend just lost her mom to ovarian cancer. And it was quite ironic that the local Ovarian Cancer Awareness run was scheduled to occur on her mom’s birthday. It was a birthday that she narrowly missed celebrating by just a month.

When Laura mentioned that she so wanted to run in memory of her mom, I could do little but offer to run as well. What a tribute to the woman who raised this remarkable mother of 5, amazing person, and a lover of the run.

She ran with her heart. I know that. And she ran with her mom watching over her. And when she finished first in her age group, her mom was there, celebrating with her.

Running with her heart.

Running with her heart.

This thing called cancer…it really sucks. There have been way too many goodbyes in my lifetime. And way too many sufferers right in my own family. Getting out there and doing this just reinforces with me the fact that life is SO PRECIOUS! We can sit around and feel sorry for ourselves, wallowing in our own self pity and grief, but in the end, it is an immense waste of time of what could be an amazing life. Live your life! Do what you love! Do what you are good at!

Do what makes you happy.

Running makes me happy. Running with friends who love to run makes me happy. Runners who are happy and proud of what they do make me happy. I am proud of my friend.

Getting her medal.

Getting her medal.


Athleta Unleash the She 10K Recap

It was forecast to be a dreadful morning. Cold and rainy. Maybe even thunder and lightning! In November? Really!

It is a good thing I’m a meteorologist. And it is a good thing I can read weather models. Because, before I went to bed, I made the insane declaration that it would NOT rain on our run and that it should hold off until after noon.

My husband, skeptical as always, said “Well, the weather service says 7am.”

What do they know? Apparently, not nearly as much as I do.

I awoke to an empty radar. No echos…no rain. Yep, I studied 4 years at Penn State to tell you that. It comes in handy.

The temperatures were moderate too. The clouds kept it comfy. It was 42° when I left the house. Perfect running weather! I’m glad I layered up, however, because in Minnesota even the slightest wind can make that number feel dreadfully colder.

I went into this run with no expectations. We were running for a cause. My running cohorts chose to run the 5K. I chose the 10K. Mainly because the last 5K run I did, I said to myself at the end, “I should have run the 10K!” because I tackled that run with pretty good speed.

This morning, I had no leg pain. I slept pretty well…not great…but not bad. I wasn’t hungry either (bizarre), but I didn’t force it. I just had some bullet-proof coffee and brought along my Energybits, a banana, and a Raw Revolution Spirulina Dream mini bar. I never ate the banana.

When we arrived, we picked up our stuff, and dropped it off back at the car. This race began and ended at a Sports Center and since there were dedications and folks to be recognized, had an indoor component. NICE! This meant a warm, dry place to hang before and after. Also, since it was sponsored by Athleta, there was amazing merchandise everywhere! I was good today, however, and did not buy a thing.

Pre-Run Photo

I’m the short one.

30 minutes prior to the 10K start, I took my bits and ate my mini bar. I still wasn’t really hungry, but I didn’t want to chance running on an empty stomach.

I headed out to my start, since it was 30 minutes earlier than my friends who were running the 5K. There were so many friendly runners! I chatted up a few right away. I started right up front, because that is where I like to start…out of the crowd. There were pacers, but the fasted they had was a 47 minute pacer. When I saw her holding the sign, a little trigger in my brain clicked and said, “I SO would love to do this run faster than 47:00. I wonder…”

I was feeling good, the course was relatively flat…perhaps I could do it.

Last minute, I turned off the tunes/podcast. I’ve been running better without the background noise. I just left Runmeter on in case someone cheered me on.

At exactly 9am, we were off.

I went out well, but I increased my pace too quickly. This led me to be huffing and puffing early and through the entire run. I had a hard time bringing the heavy breathing down. But I was running hard…less than a 7:00 minute mile for a few miles. Considering, my body felt good.

At mile 2, I said to myself, “I should have run the 5K. I’d almost be done by now!”

Funny how the mind works…

But I carried on. I had a partner sneak up from behind around mile 4. She was sweet and bubbly…and young. (((((sigh))))) I knew she’d out run me eventually. But I ran with her side by side for a half mile before I ran in her wake for the next mile. That helped keep me directly out of the wind. She was probably a big factor in why I ran as well as I did.

At mile 5, I found myself slowing down. I had to tell my brain to TURN ON. “Hey brain, your body feels great! Why are you doubting yourself? Pick up the pace!”

And I did. I even left enough in the tank to pour it on the final .2 miles.

Runmeter was RIGHT ON with this run! That was a wonderful surprise.

Runmeter Screen

Runmeter Screen

When I saw the 44: 23 time on my Runmeter, I knew I had PR’d. But when I saw the 43:53 on the final result sheet, I nearly hurled. Seriously? I beat my previous PR by 2 minutes? Holy cow!

Is it my training? Is it my gumption? Is it the bits?!?!

Is it the bits?

Is it the bits?

Right now, I can’t answer that. But I can say, that this running thing? Gosh, I can’t get enough. I’m hooked. I’m addicted. I’m…I’m…

A Sweet Present

Now would be a good time to mention, that sitting in the mailbox when I returned home, was this package from The Running Moron. He was grateful to me for sharing his page on my facebook page and helping him attain a goal.


From The Running Moron

From The Running Moron


How did he know? I’m a running moron. Yep. That’s what I am. Thank you so very much for the thoughtful gesture. I shall wear it today, after my shower!

Next run? With my family in New York at the Oyster Bay Turkey Trot! I’ll see you there!

Are you running a Turkey Trot this year? Where and when?


6 Responses to Running for a Cause – Athleta Unleash the She 10K Recap

  1. It is your awesomeness. You awesomed all over. Congratulations on a super race.

  2. Nice time!!! Are you Jaime Sommers?? You just keep getting faster and faster!!! Congrats on an amazing PR!

    • A Running Chick says:

      Ha ha!! It’s a good thing I’m old enough to remember who Jamie Sommers was! I’m pretty freakin’ sure it is the Energybits. Scary…I think. I may have stumbled upon something huge here.

  3. Runner Shoes says:

    I salute you two ladies for a wonderful cause! I too love running with my buddies. For me, running together is a great way to build friendships. I will surely follow your blog!

  4. Shaun says:

    You said don’t ask…so I have to ask. Did you stop while the treadmill was running?

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