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It never fails. I guess it may be status quo when it comes to raising children. I don’t know. But about a day into any elongated school break, someone invariably comes home sick. Then within 2 or 3 days, the germ has spread from one family member to the next, sometimes leaving all of us in complete misery for the entire vacation.

I can remember this happening year after year. In some cases, we brought the dreaded germ with us all the way from Minnesota to places like New York, Kansas, and Colorado to name a few. There is no doubt we started our own little communicable virus that none of those states had seen in years. Kind of scary.

Now that my daughters are 13, I like to think we’ve grown wiser and more empowered year after year. We never fail to get our flu shots anymore. We’ve paid that price one time too many. We also emphasize the constant need to wash our hands, and drag a container of sanitizer where ever we go. We double up on that Vitamin C when even a sniffle appears, and we sanitize the door knobs thoroughly after each sick child touches one.

I can’t say that we are slaves of cleanliness, because that is so untrue. We have 4 dogs, a herd of goats, a few heads of mini horses, not to mention our own chickens. Keeping our house “clean” is not the same as keeping it “germ-free”. Sometimes that battle has to be fought outside the home before it wanders inside. So, teaching the kids that it is up to them to keep the rest of us healthy is a well fought challenge. They know what it is like to be sick. And they don’t like it. Anything that keeps them from doing what they love is dreadful. So for us, it is probably easier than it is for most. But everyone can teach their children from a very young age to keep their hands clean. You can turn it into a game with rewards as prizes.

Good health starts at home, so feeding your children lots of leafy greens and fresh fruits will go a long way to building their immune systems to fight the dreaded school sicknesses. Making sure they are well hydrated helps too. Buy them a water bottle that they love so they don’t mind toting along fresh water wherever they go. And make them understand that the better they care for themselves, the more they will be appreciated by others. Be sure to engage them in activities they love! My kids aren’t “sports” kids, but they found horse-riding and Kung Fu very enjoyable. It may take a while, but don’t give up. Keeping children active, especially outdoors, will keep them healthier as well!

These are just small changes you can make that will ensure happier, healthier kids and therefore, a happier, healthier household.

How about challenging yourself to do the same for your family? Here is an easy way to be accountable.

Hyland's Holiday Challenge

Hyland’s Holiday Challenge

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