Polar Dash Test Run

Post-run Selfie

Like I really expected it to be 40°, with sunshine and no wind on New Year’s Day here in Minnesota?

Well, a running chick can dream, right?

The forecast is looking downright awful. A 9:00 AM temperature of -11°, 60% cloud coverage, but a ENE wind of 4 mph. Saving grace…but worse (colder) than last year. That doesn’t seem possible.

Yet, in order for me to prove, that Yes, Virginia. There IS a Santa Claus…er, I mean…Yes, Theresa, you CAN run in frigid temperatures, I just had to get out there this morning and prove it to myself.

Running Temperature

Running Temperature

Current temperature: -5°
Wind: NE 12 mph
Windchill: -35°
Conditions: Sunny
Human Condition: A bit shy of completely insane.
Clothing: 4 layers above the waist: Under Armour Cozy Turtleneck, Under Armour Base 2 Long Sleeved top, Champion Long Sleeve Tech Shirt, Polar Dash Fleece Jacket. 3 layers below the waist: Champion tech pants, Under Armour Base 2 leggings, Hind Leggings, Calf Sleeves, Injinji Mid Weight Toe socks plus home made toe sox. Polar Dash Penguin cap and fleece balaclava. NO sunglasses…they just fog over and freeze anyway. Oversized mittens and hand warmers.

I drove to a relatively flat road and parked off to the side. I left the car running and locked it. This is an old Minnesota trick to keep your ass from sticking to a frozen leather seat in the dead of winter upon entering a cold car.

I set up all my electronic equipment. I decided to just pocket my iPhone. Messing with an arm pouch or a Flipbelt in these temperatures can be lethal.

I snapped a selfie.

Pre-run Selfie

Pre-run Selfie

Heading west: Brutal. Wind in my face. Every car that passes (maybe there were 3 or 4) makes it that much windier and colder. Listening to Ben Greenfield. He is making me laugh. This is a good thing.

At the 1 mile mark, I’m huffing it. It is slightly uphill here and I can feel my lungs working it. Already, my nose is running a river and I’m using the fleece balaclava to wipe it. It is too cold to dig for a tissue. My eyelashes are starting to freeze. I can tell by the fact that my vision is becoming obscured. I can also see the frost developing on the edge of my balaclava. I’m surviving without sunglasses. This will be good.

At mile 1.5, I turn around. I’m getting a headache on the right side of my head. This is due to the wind heading out of that direction. When I turn, I’m now running with the wind. Thank GOODNESS. But I’m realizing now that I may have overdressed. Everything is toasty except for my feet. I’m thinking that I’ll need longer toe sox. I’ll have to sacrifice another pair of my husbands socks.

I’m working hard. Back uphill. And I’ve made the ultimate decision that if this is what the weather will be like Wednesday morning, I will NOT aim for a PR. I will just aim to finish the 6.2 miles. I don’t know why I feel so out of breath. Maybe a few days rest will change that. But this is my thought at this particular moment. I also realize I forgot to take my EnergyBits. DANG! No wonder!

My eyelashes are starting to want to freeze shut. I’m blinking like a mad woman. But there is NO wind in my face. For this I am grateful.

At the 2 mile mark, I’m glad I decided to run 3, but I’m questioning the ability that I’ll be able to do 3 more on Wednesday. Oh, my woeful mind.

I pass my warm car at 2.95 miles. I’m determined to get 3 in so I run just a wee bit further. Ugh…so GLAD this is over.

At 3 miles, I turn and jog back to my car. When I get there, I snap a few pictures then climb in.

Post-run Selfie

Post-run Selfie

Test over. #RWRunStreak Day 32: 3 miles completed.

What I learned this run?

I’m certifiable.

What is the coldest temperature you’ve ever run in?

3 Responses to Polar Dash Test Run

  1. Melissa says:

    OMG–you are tough. The coldest I’ve ever run in was 23* and I was miserable. This Texas girl can’t fathom negative numbers. Wow!

  2. Nick says:

    My cold record is 34 with wind chill at 28…MN girls can definitely kick my ass!

  3. I can see the ice on your eyelashes. Brrrr…

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