Training Tip Tuesday: Believe

“So plant your own gardens and decorate your own soul, instead of waiting for someone to bring you flowers.”
― Jorge Luis Borges

This is one of those quotes that must stick with you if you are trying to do something good for yourself. It is amazing to me how the naysayers come out of the woodwork once you start changing your life for the better. They notice, trust me. Some may ignore it and not acknowledge how great you look. Some may notice but say you are looking sick or unhealthy. Others may criticize you for having way more will power than they do, but they do it in such a way that makes YOU feel like the guilty one.

One of the most difficult things I had to learn early in life was to look out for number 1. Me.

I married and had children rather late in life, so I grew accustomed to being independent yet dependent on myself. This was huge because I learned how to do it. Many do not have that opportunity. After I married, “me” got put aside, for many years. I wasn’t really sure where or how I would ever find it again. And there are times, still today, when I question it.

I slipped into a bit of darkness four years ago when, as the kids got older and less dependent on me, I realized I was nowhere. I had no friends, no hobbies, no freedom. It took a Beachbody workout, and a group of the most wonderful virtual friends found on Facebook to drag me out of it. Oh, and some anti-anxiety meds, too. But even that wasn’t quite enough.

It wasn’t until I found running that I realized I could excel at something, anything, that took me away from all that brought me down. It was like the light at the end of the tunnel. It was something that I could use as the ultimate escape. And I found out I was good at it. So I lived for it. I thrived in it. I let it devour me.

Yet time and time again, I go back to this quote. Because there is nobody in my life who believes in me quite the way I do. And if I don’t learn to depend on myself, love myself, have pride in myself, believe in myself, I’ll slip back. And I don’t want to go back.

Sometimes your biggest enemy is yourself, your biggest antagonist is a person you live with, or an ill-wisher is someone you depend on daily for a good word. Accept it. Because as much as you would love to, you can’t change them.

But you can change yourself. You can accept yourself. You can love yourself. You can believe in yourself.

Run with it.

Make 2014 YOUR year. And start by buying yourself some flowers.


Disclaimer: These training tips are based on my opinion and what has worked for me. I am not a doctor, or a trainer, or a professional athlete. This blog purely represents observations I have made in my 4 years as a runner. Always consult a medical professional before beginning a running or workout program. I am not liable, either expressly or in an implied manner, nor claim any responsibility for any emotional or physical problems that may occur directly or indirectly from reading this blog.

3 Responses to Training Tip Tuesday: Believe

  1. Love your post! Hope you have a wonderful new years! 🙂

  2. Angie says:

    Thank you for this post. I love the quote!!

  3. Wonderful insights! I admire you for being so open 🙂

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