And We’re Off!

The first e-mail has entered my inbox from Hal Higdon and Training Peaks.

Your Workout for Monday, January 27 #1: 

Type: Run
Planned Duration: 0:24
Planned Distance: 3.0 miles

Description: Welcome to my Boston Bound Training Program. The program is 12 weeks and 1 day long, beginning Monday, January 27 and ending in Hopkinton on Monday, April 21 at the starting line of the Boston Athletic Association Marathon. This program is designed for runners already qualified for Boston and entered. If hoping to qualify for Boston, you need to pick another one of my programs.

Boston Bound is a tough program fitting somewhere between my usual Intermediate and Advanced programs. This program assumes that you are an accomplished runner, otherwise you would not have qualified for Boston. The Boston Bound Program features 6 days of running and 1 day of rest each week. There is a mix of speedwork and hill training along with pace runs and long runs. Weekly mileage peaks at around 50 in Week 10. You can add more miles to easy days like today if you are so inclined. Each Monday in the program features an easy run of 3 to 5 miles. Today, run 3 miles at a comfortable pace.

I’m excited, but at the same time, nervous as hell. I don’t even know why. It is just a 26.2 mile run, right? Probably will be the most memorable run of my entire career, right? A marathon where my mom and sisters, the most important women in my life, will be there to greet me at the finish line, right? In BOSTON, right? Why should I be nervous?

Boston Marathon Finish Line

Boston Marathon Finish Line

I have no reason to be. For the first time in about 8 months, I feel amazingly well, like I CAN do this! I had an appointment with a specialist on Friday who told me YES, she can fix my lower back and hamstring issue in NO TIME, and that the worst thing I could do would be to STOP running! She is like my new best friend!

Tomorrow, they’ll begin the Graston technique on my hammies and butt and they we’ll do some maneuver work on Friday’s to help my unbalanced hip issues. It seems my right hip is higher than my left. I’m hoping she can recommend someone to see about adjusting my running gait, or make suggestions of her own. But already, with the few stretches she assigned to me over the weekend, PLUS the ones she told me to STOP doing, I’m seeing improvement. My main goal for the remainder of this month will be to get back on the clean eating track and lose that 6 pounds that has been eating away at my sub conscience, let alone my conscience. I’ll definitely keep you up do date on my training, but I won’t post any more of Hal’s e-mails. You can go get his program if you are interested in it! This one was just $12.99. A true bargain, as far as I am concerned.

THEN, comes the REAL work! Choosing a handful of running outfits to bring with me to Boston! I’ll need a cold day outfit, a warm day outfit, a rainy day outfit…oh, and they will ALL have to be NEON!

But one of the most exciting things I’ll be bringing along with me is this special race bib I had designed for the marathon. I think it is fun to hear your name called out as you run. I’m hoping this will do the trick! By the way, it came from Races 2 Remember. You can have ANY bib designed just for you or your event! They are SO happy to help you make it just right. Take it from personal experience!

Boston Marathon Bib

Boston Marathon Bib

And of course, I want everyone to know that I’m #poweredbybits. That is how I got here, after all!

So, are you ready? I am…let’s do this thang!

 Are you in training or ready to start training for an event? Tell us all about it!

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  1. kim knapp says:

    Good luck with your training. I’m sure you’ll do great!!!

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