A Winner, Some Pity, and More Goo!

Congratulations to Tiffin Filion for winning a tube of Run Goo from Foot Kinetics! And guess what? My buds there said, “Hey! This was so stinkin’ successful, let’s do it again!” Yep, you get another chance to win a tube of Run Goo! Here is your opportunity to enter. Don’t miss it this time.

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Run Goo

Run Goo

In the meantime, little violins are playing everywhere juuuuuuuuust for me! No really. It hasn’t been easy…this not running thing. I’ve decided that with the crappy Minnesota weather and the hurt leg, I’d stop altogether. Thus endeth the #RWRunstreak.


However, I’m putting more than ever into my P90X workouts, really building up that upper body strength. And I’m also doing some walking and non-resistance exercise biking…and climbing the stairs in my house as well. Not to mention, all my exercises to build my hip and glute strength. I’ll see my PT on Friday, and right now there is no break in the weather until after the weekend so this has given me a great opportunity to rest and rehabilitate. Everyday I question whether I should even run Boston, but for some reason I have a little voice inside my head that is telling me I’ll be fine by then to run the race. No, I won’t be breaking any records, but I’m quite confident I’ll be able to pull out a respectable marathon. I must go with that. I have nothing else.

I'll flex for you!

I’ll flex for you!


Except my guns…

Are you doing a run streak? How far along are you? If not, have you ever attempted one?

26 Responses to A Winner, Some Pity, and More Goo!

  1. Nice guns!! 😀 I attempted a run streak once. I made it 26 days before my body said enough already, ha ha. So now I swim, bike and run. 😀

  2. mommygorun says:

    I don’t usually get blisters- but I DO get or should I say lose toenails!
    I tried a runstreak once and life really got in the way!

  3. Amanda H says:

    I get terrible blisters! Putting second skin on them used to help when I was in college, but that stuff is super expensive when it’s not free from the training room!

  4. Linda Kuil says:

    I’m on a NO run streak! Not really, but with my knee pain and the weather, I’m enjoying too much rest time!

  5. Linda Kuil says:

    LOL, didn’t see the question. No blisters since I have been wearing my Nike socks marked ‘Left’ and ‘Right’!

  6. Kris says:

    Yes and I use 2toms sports shield

  7. Laurel C says:

    good socks is the best blister defense!

  8. Nick says:

    I did the Runner’s World Holiday run streak (35 days) and planned to keep it going, but at day 41 I started running a high fever and had to break it – boo! I may do another streak once I get past this 50K in April, but for now I treasure my rest days!

  9. Look at those guns girl! Way to go! YES RUN BOSTON! Leave those negative thoughts behind you and run them 🙂

  10. Lisa Jones says:

    I’ve used Glide on my feet before to help with blisters

  11. susie king says:

    I get blisters and I use bandaids and a&d ointment.

  12. Christina says:

    I get blisters fairly often. When breaking in new shoes, pairing the wrong socks with running shoes, running a path with too many turns in one direction (like a track)…

  13. David Burns says:

    I would love to try this

  14. I got different socks and it helped with the blisters i was getting. i’d love to try this product.

  15. *knock on wood* I’ve never had a problem with blisters.

  16. I haven’t had blisters in a while, but I just switched my shoes and now I’m worried I might get some!

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