Finding Nemo, Amongst Other Things…

What a crazy week it has been and it hasn’t even come to a close yet! I can tell you that since 2014 began, happenings at the Neon household have been downright horrific.

First and foremost, I completely missed Training Tip Tuesday. I promise…I’ll have it next week.

The solid state hard drive on my work computer fizzled…failed…died…croaked. Damn. Granted I have learned from the past NOT to keep anything important on my hard drive, but just having to reload everything from scratch will take days. My Casper backup never worked from the get go, but I’ll be sure now to make sure that it does so I can just swap out drives should it ever become necessary again. Damn technology and all it’s marvels.

I blame the weather for everything. If all else fails…blame the weather. Polar Vortex Part III, or is it Part IV? I’ve lost count. Despite the fact that our days are gloriously getting longer, (there is still a hint of light at 6pm), the temperatures continue to plummet. It is like we cannot recover from this never ending cold. Being a meteorologist and understanding the science is even worse in this case because my education tells me that with the longer days and the extra sunshine, things really shouldn’t be as cold as they are. It means that these Polar Vortexes are truly Polar…meaning they come from the North Pole…or that they are not just cold but damn cold.

Polar Vortecies and Hell

When things get cold, things go wrong…as we have invariably determined. I can not even begin to list everything that has happened here in the past 5 weeks. But know that we have been kept on our toes…our bluish, frozen toes…for 5 unforgiving weeks, as things crack, break, freeze, shift, shatter, and crumble right in front of our eyes. It is a wonder anyone can even survive in latitudes further north than us.

In the midst of all of this, I have been training for a marathon. God willing, I have made it outside for about half of those runs. Perhaps I’ve become acclimated. Maybe I’m just crazy…or stupid. I’m not sure. My Raynauds has been held at bay which is a good thing. But it doesn’t mean I can let my guard down for even a moment. I’m dressed in 3-4 layers when those temps are below 15°, and I have at least 2-3 pairs of toe caps on so as to keep all 10 digits alive. It’s been a challenge.

This Week's Forecast

This Week’s Forecast

Yet here we sit on the verge of Polar Vortex Part IV, or is it V? Yep. Sunday, yet another visit will mean high temperatures barely peek over 0°. I can’t remember when we were last above freezing. Seriously. I’ll have to look back.

Physical Therapy

But, this week, out of the midst of all this despair, a few good things have happened. The first of which is my Physical Therapy. It appears to be working! I can’t call it miraculous, because it feels as though I take one step back, then two steps forward on any given day. But it is better than two steps back and only one step forward, right?

Eye-Opening Articles

Next, would be this amazing article I discovered in this month’s Runner’s World Magazine entitled The Whole Body Fix. Why? Because this is ME! I’m quite sure that the author Katie and I could be the same person. I plan to bring this magazine with me to tomorrow’s PT appointment to show my therapist. And if per chance this IS my problem, knowing it is completely fixable…WHOA…excites me to no end. I plan to show her the exercises and if she approves, I’m going to add them to my daily ritual. I just want to run. That is all I want to do…run.

Runner's World Magazine - March 2014

Runner’s World Magazine – March 2014

Bringing It

No, I just lied. I want to do P90X, too. And since I was given the permission to do so, I started up again this week. Ahhhhhh. I missed challenging my muscles. I love to lift weights almost as much as I love to run. I did take it easy, however, and went down on all my numbers and realized that I can get just as good of a workout with lower weights and more reps. AND, I don’t irritate my lower back. BONUS. I even woke up sore on Tuesday after P90X Chest and Back…and that hasn’t happened in a long while!

My Trainer

My Trainer

The Best Damn Masseuse Ever

And just as things are looking the worst ever, I get a massage. DAMN. I’m SO blessed to have found one who can literally fix my ills. By the time I walked out of her office Wednesday afternoon, I felt so damn good, I was ready to run again! Now that is progress!

Blogging Rights

As I’m walking out of that same office, I get a Facebook message that tells me I made it into a list of the best 100 running blog sites out there! Now, I know there are lots of these “lists” but hey…I made one!!! This list is put together by the 100 Day Marathon Training Plan at Marathon Training Schedule. I was listed at #64! How cool is that? I was completely floored by the mention, yet humbled by it at the same time. I hope I can help just one person get off their duff and run. If I can do that every once in a while, it makes the entire journey totally worthwhile!

The 100 Best, Most Interesting Running Blogs for 2014

EnergyBits Store

And, my own EnergyBits retail store is now OPEN! This means, I can sell you the best runner’s fuel out there, with a discount, in lesser quantities, so you don’t have to purchase an entire bag. But I need to tell you, that they go FAST, and my repeat customers keep coming back for more so my stock is always limited. You want to get in on this as soon as I get a delivery. I’ll get one tomorrow, so don’t delay! Pre-order them now! Of course, you can still order them from the source. And be sure to use NEONISMYCOLOR to get the same discount on any variety of bits!

ENERGYbits Retail Store at

ENERGYbits Retail Store

An Exceptional Pace

Above everything else, and despite the aches and pains I’ve had recently, I’ve discovered that I’m way more capable of running my hopeful marathon pace of 8:20 than I thought I was. I think the #RWRunStreak has done wonders for me. And I think that the longer, slower, deliberate runs just help to make my endurance better. The treadmill, as much as I dread it, has made me faster. And running in the brutal cold has probably helped everything from strengthening my breathing, to increasing my lung capacity, and even aiding my form as the icy conditions mean shortening my stride and stepping up the pace. It’s sure looking highly likely that I might run that marathon in 3:30. I’d be delighted!

State of Mind

State of Mind

The Odd Disappearance of the Night Sweats

I don’t know why. But I’m not complaining.

The Slimming Effect

The body is changing once again. Between getting a handle on the eating again, and Hal’s rigorous running schedule, the weight feels like it is coming off again. This can only help in the training.

So, what is on the agenda for this weekend?

The Hubster turns 60!

The Hubster turns 60!

  • PT appointment at 11:30 am tomorrow. I’m excited to share what I’ve learned.
  • The hubster turns 60 tomorrow. SIXTY. Dang. I’m doing something for him tomorrow he is going to hate me for. But, whatever. He’ll get over it…I hope.
  • I’m supposed to run long on Sunday. Hal says 14-miles. But again, Saturday looks to be the warmer day with a high of 15° as compared to Sunday’s 5°. I’ll try for the long run Saturday. Wish me luck.

I feel like there was so much more I wanted to share, but right now, my brain is shutting down. So, I’ll be sure to add in tidbits as I wrap up Week 2 of Boston Marathon Training.

Until then, run happy and BE SEEN!

How has the weather been in YOUR neck of the woods?

4 Responses to Finding Nemo, Amongst Other Things…

  1. Katie says:

    Cold here too! I have not been running outside; need to get over it and just start doing it because I don’t trust spring is coming! I will have to read more about Energy Bits as I start to think about how I am going to fuel my first marathon. Thanks for the reminder to read my RW!

  2. Its been terribly cold here too! Great job with your training, and happy birthday to your hubby!

  3. I love the cold! but I will agree with you, that the “HAHAHAHA polar vortex again!” is getting kind of old. Wind chill, negative temps and ice everywhere: been there, done that. Time to move on. Nice, reasonable 20s and 30s with snow showers alternating with bluebird sunshine? Yessss. 🙂

  4. Congrats on making the list! Awesome! I’m glad everything seems to be coming together. How was your long run? And did you get the Boston jacket?

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