We Interrupt This Program…


I kept up as best I could, and despite the fact that  my PT told me to “just keep running,” I have decided to take a week off. Now, I’m not entirely not running, but I’m not exactly following Hal. I have a few reasons for this, but this is the main one.

My leg hurts.

I’ve reached this point where my head is telling me, “You better cool it, Theresa, if you really want to run and finish Boston.” And it is because of this that I stop to listen.

Follow Your Head

Follow Your Head

I saw my PT on Tuesday and she gave me a few more glute strengtheners. I have been doing my exercises religiously, and I KNOW they are helping. But it is like I take two steps forward, and one step back. I’m making progress, but it isn’t all positive yet.

The longer the runs, the longer the recovery process, and the greater the post run discomfort. I think at this point, as early as I am in this Boston Bound program, it would be a wise time to cut back a little.

This being said, I’ll fill you in on what I have been doing the past two weeks and where I stand today.

Boston Bound Week 2

I stuck with the program through week 2, through the long runs, the short runs, the easy runs, the hill repeats, and the speed work. I was actually quite pleased with it all. It isn’t always comfortable to run at the start, but I always feel better a few miles in at the end. And the euphoria lasts for a few hours or until I sit for an extended period, or stop moving, or get in the car to drive. Then the discomfort creeps back. There were a few days last week where I had to take some Advil to relieve the tension. And it works amazingly well, which tells me what I do have is inflammation. After each trip to the PT, I feel better as well. But then I do that Saturday or Sunday long run, and the discomfort on the next day and the following day is pretty severe.

Boston Bound Week 3

This past week, Week 3 of training, it got severe enough that I had to question if what I was doing was the right thing. Sure, I get that I should stay active, but 10 – 12 – 14 miles might be too much sandwiched between a couple of 6 or 8 mile runs.

As I mentioned earlier, I saw my PT this past Tuesday, and up until then I stuck with the program religiously. I even ran my scheduled 5 miler Wednesday but by Wednesday night, I was contemplating making Thursday my rest day. I was going to allow it all to hinge on the weather as we were scheduled to get a major snow storm. If I could get to the indoor track before it hit, I’d run. But my brain…that brain of mine…it said “take the day off”. Of course, I can’t ever do nothing, so I opted for a ride on the indoor cycle super easy then just a mile on the treadmill super light just to keep my run streak going. This was sufficient for both my mind and my leg.

Friday was my scheduled rest day. And I was scheduled to see my PT, where I planned to tell her what my head was telling me. But alas, that appointment was cancelled as Minneapolis came to a complete halt thanks to the storm. Was this a sign? I’m not sure. But with the discomfort that I was still having this particular morning, I decided to take serious action. I did all my preventative exercises, then iced the Labrum. Wow! It felt so much better afterwards! I decided to try a workout.

I did a repeat workout of P90X Chest and Back, followed by an hour on the stationary bike…very easy…then got a few miles in on the treadmill at just 6.0 MPH to keep the #RWrunstreak alive.

Friday night, I iced again, And this morning, I awoke feeling like a champ.

Of course, the roads are in no condition to run on yet, and since temperatures will once again plunge below zero the next 7 days, I fear no melting will happen at all. And I have decided that if it ain’t broke…

We Interupt This Week 1978

Hal says to run 23 this weekend – 7 one day and 16 the other. I’ve decided not to risk it. Instead, I’ll do preventative measures and short runs up until I run the Get Lucky Half Marathon on March 15th. I’ll continue to go light for the remainder of this week until I see my PT on Friday. And then I’ll reassess how I feel.

It’s funny, because since I’ve been inside on the bike, I’ve been watching Dean Karnazes‘ 50 Marathons-50 States-50 Days on DVD. And I’m amazed by this man’s endurance. He doesn’t run super fast, but he was able to run these marathons day after day after day. And yet the fastest marathon he ran on those 50 consecutive days was his VERY LAST one. This just reinforces that I can take the time to just build endurance this week, with no speed, no intensity, no expectations, and not lose any fitness. And allow my leg to heal.

This is what my head tells me. Apparently the weather is backing me up. And Dean? Well, not only is he easy on the eyes, but apparently he is sending me a subliminal message as well.

“Don’t push it, Theresa.”

My official diagnosis, by the way, is inflammation in the hip labrum, and a possible hip labral tear. My PT says that even if an MRI confirms a tear, no surgeon will repair it until I improve my glute strength. And 9 times out of 10, once that happens, no surgeries need to be done as they heal on their own. I trust her 100%.

Soooooo….this is my story. And I’m stickin’ to it.

End Note: Today is Saturday and after warming up by cleaning my kitchen, I did an hour on the stationary bike followed by 3 miles on the treadmill, going no more than 6.5 mph. I concentrated on firing my glutes as I ran and keeping my hips tighter to my core. It felt good! Not great…but good. And I feel I may be on the right track.

After reading all this, what do you think YOU would do if you were in the same situation?

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5 Responses to We Interrupt This Program…

  1. Katie says:

    I bet you are doing the right thing! Thankfully I haven’t dealt with injury, but I know it would struggle to ease up if I was training! I am currently training for my first full, and hope I can stay healthy! Good luck with your plan. It sounds like you have thought it out well! Good luck at Get Lucky. I ran the Women Rock 1/2 the last two years – I enjoy Team Ortho races!

  2. Mia Wheels says:

    Wise decision, Theresa. Never easy to make such a decision. Good for you!

  3. Keep Movin forward sweet friend. You got this.

  4. Sounds like you’re doing everything right. Good luck on Friday!

  5. Momshomerun says:

    I would do the same thing. Sounds like your body is trying to tell you something, and you’ld better listen.

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