I Got Lucky – #GetLuckyMN Race Recap

Pre-Race Preps #GetLuckyMN

Yep…the luck of the Irish…or one determined little girl. Either or, it worked. I PR’d it. I didn’t plan to go out there and do that. I planned to do the best I could, and I was just plum shocked I did what I did.

It started with a Friday night belly ache. Argh. But I used it to my advantage to get out of making dinner and sneaking off to bed relatively early. I gathered up my essentials, laid them out, and headed to bed. And a great sleep it was, too. Thanks to my husband who got up with our ailing dog at 5 am and let me sleep another hour.

Race time was 8:30 am. We headed out at 7:15 am and the sunrise was glorious.

#GetLuckyMN Sunrise

#GetLuckyMN Sunrise

My husband decided to tag along on this run. It’s always nice to have him there. He complained a bit about the cold. Funny, because by Minnesota standards, it wasn’t all that bad. Upper teens, with a light breeze. But for some reason, being in downtown St. Paul, with the grey steel and concrete made it feel bone chilling.

Start Line #GetLuckyMN

Start Line #GetLuckyMN

We arrived and parked with about 20 minutes to spare which worked out perfectly. I was able to line up at the very start of the race before anyone was even in the corral. I did some jumping around and a few stretches and double checked all my gear. And we chatted about this and that. When the masses started to descend about 10 minutes later, I found myself a midst all these skinny, lightly clad runners. Yep, I was in the elite corral. Dang…there is NO chance of a medal today. But, I’ll give it my best shot to at least get a respectable time. I had a neon shade of yellowish green on. Since I’m not Irish, I tried to mix in with the crowd as best I could. Probably, though, not good enough.

As green as I get.

As green as I get.

We started out weaving the city streets before crossing the river and starting on our out and back route. I’ve run this route before with other Team Ortho races and it can prove to be hellish. For some reason, it is always uphill and into the wind at the end. This race was no different. The scary thing is, I picked up on this almost immediately when, at mile 3, we were headed downhill with the wind at our backs. That can’t be good.

But I took advantage of it, and practiced my speed and cadence and stride length going down hill. All I kept thinking was “this is good Boston training”. And I was feeling pretty good, despite the fact that my thumbs were already numb at this point, and all I could think about was the cup of coffee my husband was probably enjoying.

My leg held up well, and anytime it got snarky, I was able to correct my form, fire from my hips and glutes, and correct it. It inevitably always slowed me down a bit, but the technique worked to remove the discomfort. I had 7 miles to play around with it before having to face the turnaround.

I heard my Runmeter tell me I had hit the hour mark and had already traversed 8 miles. I was on course for a killer number. Might even PR. But I still had the hills and the wind ahead of me. And it was around here that the 1:40:00 pacer and her team passed me. I got discouraged…to say the least. But continued on. And decided at this point to fuel. I had some technical difficulties getting my EnergyBits into my mouth. They got stuck in the bag, and I ended up scraping them out with my teeth. This made breathing a bit labored, plus, I just didn’t want to stop running so it slowed me down. I had to make up for that lost time. And I started thinking that at Boston, I’ll have to stop for these fueling breaks unless I come up with a better idea. I’m thinking maybe a Tic Tac dispenser? I’m going to give that a try for my next run.

At 10 miles, Runmeter said 01:15:something. This is the pace I had at the Monster Dash last October when I thought “I should have run the half.” Today I was running the half, and knew if I kicked it up a notch, I could get that PR. But it wasn’t easy.

There were a few shout outs from my friends on Runmeter which certainly helped. I wished I had more, though, because at the end, I really had to dig deep. I kept forgetting to listen to the updates and wasn’t quite sure where I was in the run. And I neglected to look down at my Garmin. I wasn’t exactly sure where to turn on the steam. So, as it turns out, I did so a few times between mile 11 and mile 13. But I was astounded at the end how I was able to push it out the final tenth of a mile or so. I just got a burst of energy and it took me over that finish line with the ever elusive half marathon PR.

I had to immediately walk and bring my heart rate down, because it was high, and I felt like my lungs were in my throat. But it dissipated quickly, and by then, my husband had caught up with me. He asked if I wanted to stick around for my free beer (gag) and I said, no…”Lets get out of here.”

Runmeter #GetLuckyMN

Runmeter #GetLuckyMN


Garmin #GetLuckyMN

Garmin #GetLuckyMN

And we did. My garmin said I PR’d as did my RunMeter. The times were 30 seconds apart, but for the first time, they synced up the best I have seen them do so to date.

Runmeter Data

I was proud…and I was tired. But it was over.

All done! #GetLuckyMN

All done! #GetLuckyMN

It ended up being a pretty substantial race and even with the time of 1:40:31, which would have gotten me a first place age group award in any other run, I ended up 14 in my age group. Yep, those skinny, lightly clad runners weren’t fooling around this time.

MTEC Race Results

But still I’m pleased as punch. And the lack of any significant pain or discomfort that evening or the following day, where I was expected to run 9 miles, made me giddy.

I’m so ready for this.

Did you race for the St. Patrick’s Day weekend? How did it go? Did you wear the appropriate garb or did you just dress to run?

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  1. petitepacer says:

    Great job! And I use a tic tac dispenser. It works well.

  2. way to go lady!!! You SHOULD be pleased! So proud of you!

  3. Sara says:

    Wow nice job! I hope you are proud of yourself. Just started following you and love reading through your posts – your an amazing runner!

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