Running is a Full Time Job

At least lately it has been. My blogging hasn’t been going nearly the way I would have liked while training for Boston. I’ve stumbled upon some family related issues that have had to take the front seat…like pronto. Nearly every free minute I used to have to blog has been zapped up by the all and powerful “life”.

As these weeks dwindle down, I have learned a lot about myself, my family, and those who are in my circle. I couldn’t tell you if what I have learned has been positive or negative, but I can tell you that how one relates to the difficulties of others is directly associated to how one relates to their own. I have know this, but I have never had to set it into action like I have over the past few months. I feel like I’ve reached the bottom of the pit. And now it is time to claw myself back out.

I have not lost sight of my training, however, and although I don’t feel like I’m performing to my best potential, I feel that I’m doing damn good for what I’ve been dealt. My Physical Therapist has me on a consistent road to recovery. For this I am grateful. The crux of the evil inner thigh pain has all but dwindled away and now it is just me dealing with the new stiffness that comes with a new kind of running. The kind that I should have been doing from the get go…firing those hips and glutes. I didn’t realize what a pain in the ass that was…or is…until now. I’m constantly aware of what my body is doing below the waist now…not to mention above the waist. (((ARM SWING))) It’s a full time job.

Running is a Full Time Job

Running is a Full Time Job

Last weekend, I took the RRCA Certification Class here in St. Louis Park. The Road Runners Club of America puts on these classes for those interested in improving upon their own running, and/or helping one to coach another in reaching their specific running goals. It was eye opening. And I learned quite a bit.

Mostly, though, I learned that I have some kind of gift. And that if I don’t take it too lightly, my running future is endless. And I’ve learned that this is where I belong. I never felt as such ease in a roomful of strangers, with just one common thread…running. It is a wonderfully unique community.

I took my on-line certification test this week and passed with flying colors. This Sunday, I’ll take my CPR and First Aid certification course so I can get my class completion certificate from RRCA. After that, the road is limitless.

RRCA Certified Coach

RRCA Certified Coach

I have lots of running adventures to fill you in on, but I’m sneaking this in before my PT appointment. So, you’ll have to hang on just a bit longer. In the meantime, as always, I thank you for your support and your patience. Life is coming around again to greet me. For that, I am certain.

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  1. I’m sorry you’ve been dealing with some family issues … my thoughts are with you! Looking forward to seeing the great things ahead for you – from Boston to coaching!

  2. Thinking of you and sending you good vibes! I am having trouble balancing blogging, work, and life right now too. Sometimes we just have to keep pluggin along and it will get better!

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