Week in Review – Running For My Life and Some Exciting News!

My blogging hasn’t been very good lately. I’m just having a hard time fitting it into my schedule. Life has completely turned upside down. I spend most of my time these days with my children, which is quite ironic, because just as they hit an age where they can fend for themselves, they appear to need you even more. Funny how parenthood works.


I lost a loved one as well last week. And that compounded the situation. Plus, our sweet dog, Tucker, is on his last legs. He is older than my children, and right now, he is getting more attention than anyone. All of our schedules have been revolving around the dog. And as much as I hate to have to say it, it is time. I just now have to convince my husband, which won’t be easy.

The only thing that has been going right these days is my running. Pretty crazy, huh? The week started with an 18-miler on Sunday. I hoped to get it out of the way early, but in an attempt to patch up a personal issue with my daughter, it was important that I spend the morning with her. This was a good thing, and I’m glad I did it, despite the fact that it meant a later run for me.

Sunday 18-miles

I didn’t get on the road until 2pm or so. And I knew 18 miles was going to take me about 3 hours if I took it at a super comfortable pace. The temperatures were agreeable, in the mid 40’s, but there was a bit of a breeze and little sun…and lots of snow melt. I filled up the double barrel water belt and took along some Ignite Natural gels (Use code IN0710 to save 10%!), as well as Energybits and UCAN Superstarch. One bottle was mixed with water, and the other with unsweetened coconut water. I’ll admit, the coconut water was more refreshing and I enjoyed sipping that while on the run.

I really started out slow, at about a 9:00 pace. The route I chose was an out an back, just planning to run 9-miles out and turn around. It would be rather hilly, especially the first 3 miles, and in return, the last 3 miles. But I turned on some podcasts, (Runner Girls Podcast) and went on my way. The podcasts are more enjoyable when you hear them mention you!! (((Heart))) Thanks, girls!

Runner Girls Podcast

Runner Girls Podcast

Funny, there was nothing defining about this run…except that I never hit any wall. I just felt good. Everything went well for a training run. My leg was OK. Sure, there were a few moments where I questioned it, but it never lasted long, and the discomfort quickly disappeared as soon as I refocused on my core and my form. I feel like I can beat this now that I have the knowledge on how to beat it. I learned something about my fueling, and how I plan to handle Boston.

I took 30 Energybits prior to the run, then 15 every hour or 7 miles. I never needed the gels. Granted, this run was in the middle of the day, so I was already pretty fueled from breakfast and lunch. And I probably only consumed one full water bottle (10 oz) sipping a little from each. I returned home a bit tired, but feeling OK! This in itself, was miraculous.


Runmeter Data

Monday 5-Miles

The following day, Monday, Hal said to run 5 miles. I did it reluctantly. I was very stiff and sore, just from the running. The labrum wasn’t too irritated today. Again, this is great news. After P90X Chest and Back, I got out there for that run. I planned an easy out and back, with just one hill to deal with coming home. Temperatures were pleasant and it was an enjoyable run once I shook out the cobwebs.

Runmeter Data

Tuesday – 7 Mile Hill Repeats

I was still pretty stiff from Sunday. I decided to play this workout by ear. I had an idea that I would skip the hill repeats if the labrum was too irritated since this is what my PT recommended. I started with a 1.5 mile shakeout run to see how I was feeling and opted to try a run at it.

As long as I kept my pace below marathon pace, I had very little issues. The slower the better. And I decided the hills would be a good precursor to Saturday’s half marathon. So slow and steady…hill repeats. I managed 6 all together, with a 1.5 mile warm up and a mile cooldown, which added up to 7.6 miles total.

Hill Repeats. 6X.
Miles: 7.5
Time: 1:07:43
Avg. Pace: 8:58

Actually felt stronger towards the end.
Boston Marathon: T-41 days.


Runmeter Data

Wednesday – 5 Miles (I did 4)

Hal said to run 5 miles but to compensate if this were a race weekend, which it was. So, I opted to cut it down to 4 miles. Nothing specific in this run. I just did a circle through a local neighborhood. I did this after P90X Shoudlers and Arms and decided to up the pace a little, getting close to marathon hopeful.

Runmeter Data

Thursday – 7 Miles (I did 4)

Again, Hal said to compensate, and I decided I’d rather be well rested for Saturday. I also had a PT appointment this morning so I couldn’t spend much time dwaddling around. I did the same route as the previous day, but took it slower.

Runmeter Data

Friday – Rest Day

I did not run, but I did do P90X Back and Biceps, plus ran a lot of errands so I stayed on my feet most of the day.



This is my week in review. 5 more to go until Boston. How did this happen?

I’ll talk about Saturday’s Get Lucky Half Marathon in the next post!



And for some EXCITING news,

I’ve been asked to improve and head up the Ben Greenfield’s Fitness Pinterest page! This excites me to no end because I LOVE Pinterest and Ben Greenfield, and I’ll have the opportunity to interact personally with some amazing, talented, healthy, educated, human beings. So, please come check out the page and pay close attention to all the improvements I plan to make over the next few weeks!

Ben Greenfield Fitness

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  1. Emerging Runner says:

    Wow, your training is so intense! How do you do it? You’ll be really prepared for Boston at this rate.

  2. How did Boston get to be only 5 weeks away? You are rockin’ your training. Good luck!

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