Weekly Running Recap, Virtual 5K, and More Goo!

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Run Goo

Run Goo

So many conflicting things going on in my life right now. I’m not sure if I’m being tested or if the shit is just all hitting the fan at one time. Maybe I just need to change my perspective?

It all started out pretty good…especially the running part. I feel like I’m back on track. I picked up with Hal’s Boston Bound program right where I left off. I didn’t try to make up the week that I missed. I just moved on. I didn’t quite get the long run on Sunday that I should have, but I took it as a sign that it was good enough. Every run this week has gotten significantly better. And I notice that the worst pain I have with my leg occurs on Friday and Saturday evenings when my husband and I park it in front of the TV to catch up on some missed programming. I’m going to have to figure out a new way to watch TV. And it might be on the floor with the dogs. It’s a good thing we only watch a few hours twice a week or else I think I’d have a real problem.

Boston Marathon Training Week 6
Sunday – Run for 1:40:00
Due to circumstances beyond my control, I only ran 75 minutes this day. And yes, it was a treadmill run. But after the high of just being able to run at all, I was overwhelmingly pleased. All of my exercises and stretches are helping with the leg pain. I’m beyond estatic. I started with a 6.0 pace and worked my way up to marathon pace by minute 70. I planned to finish out there, but I had to abort due to some family issues.

Monday – 5 Mile Run
Again, done on a treadmill. This is to be the last of the cold days for a while. And although it was probably warm enough for me to run outside, the roads still aren’t clear enough. I’ll wait it out. I amped this run up just a little bit, working up to and running at marathon pace.


Tuesday – 7 Mile Run
On the road again! Yes! Took it outside, although I had to drive to get to a place where I could run. I had to scope the roads out ahead of time and found a place about 3 miles out from my home. I’d have to run back and forth on a 1.5 mile stretch of road, but that is A.O.K by me. I had a little pinching pain in that inner left thigh, but after a mile or so, it faded. And I had to concentrate on my form lest it sneak back. Running is becoming hard work, because I have to work on that form. If it is correct, clearly the pain subsides. My pace pays for it a little bit, but that is OK. I’m running…and I’m happy!

Brooks Ravenna 5

Brooks Ravenna 5

This day was to be a speed work day, but I decided to just pick up the pace rather than do intervals. The quick speed changes seem to irritate the leg. I also tried out my Ravenna 5’s. Still a bit unsure about them. This probably wasn’t the best day to give them a test drive. And I’ll still have to give them another chance. I like them a lot. But I just like my Brooks Pure Cadence more.


Wednesday – 5 Mile Run
Outside AGAIN! Bonus! I was a bit stiff from Tuesday’s run, and the added P90X Back and Biceps workout. Again, the left leg tested me for about a mile, but I fell into the run quickly after that. Taking the time to press out that leg afterwards makes all the difference. I’m feeling greatly relieved today!


Thursday – 8 Mile Run
I was looking forward to getting outside for this run. It was supposed to warm up today, but the wind was brisk out of the south and really added to the strain of the run. The good thing about running up hill and into the wind for the first half is that it helps me to control my pace…a lot! It made coming home that much better…and faster. Overall, a good run. Not a stitch of pain, but I was a bit tight and my butt a bit sore. This tells me I’m starting to engage my glutes more than I did before if my butt is sore after a good run.


Friday – Rest Day
I did not run today. But I did do P90X Chest and Back and some Bosu Ball exercises that I got from my PT this morning. She is so relieved to hear I’m running again as well, and although she wasn’t too sure about that doorway stretch when I first e-mailed it to her, she is on board now. If it helps, do it.

Saturday – 8 Mile Run at Marathon Pace
Today was a scheduled Virtual 5K that I signed up for back in January. My thought was to get out there early today and get it done, but we have had a lot of personal issues here at home that forced me to put it off until noon. I don’t like running that late, especially if it is something timed, but I did it anyway. I drove out to a rather flat area (I should say relatively flat, because it wasn’t nearly flat enough) and ran a fast 5K first. It whooped me, I’ll admit. And I had to walk about a half mile just to get my breath back and my heart rate down to 110. Once I got there though, I eased into a slow jog after restarting my Runmeter and my Garmin. I finished out the 8 miles with a 5 mile run. Nice and easy and a bit slower than marathon pace. But that is OK. It felt so good to be outside. The temperature was in the mid 20s and the sun was shining brightly. It was perfect, really. And it helped me to air out a few frustrations that have haunted me this week. I won’t bore you with the details…but I think you know what I mean.

Runmeter Data for 5K




Tomorrow I’m scheduled to run 18 miles. At first, I was dreading this. But they say 40° tomorrow with plenty of sunshine. I think it might be just perfect for this run. My plan is just to go as far as I can…at a 9:00 pace or so. I don’t want to over do it. I just want to see what the leg can handle, and maybe test out some fueling foods. EnergyBits will be coming along with me, for certain, but I’m wanting to test some UCan Super Starch as well. Still haven’t decided on footwear yet, but the more I test new sneakers, the more I come back to my original Brooks Pure Cadence. I have a brand new pair that I’ll wear in about two weeks prior to Boston and I’ll take them with me to run in. They are the best sneaker for me for these longer runs.

Wish me luck!

Stay tuned, too. I have some product reviews coming up. And since life is starting to get a wee bit crazy, Training Tip Tuesday will take a little hiatus until I can get things back on track. But as always, I appreciate your support and you coming here to read my blog.

What are you training for now? How is that training coming along? Are you following a program or just making it up as you go along?

4 Responses to Weekly Running Recap, Virtual 5K, and More Goo!

  1. You had a great week of training despite the weather and great paces! Just a quick question…how is your body feeling with no “true” rest day? I see you were supposed to rest on Friday but did P90x. Do you ever feel like you need a full, complete day of rest or are you one of the lucky people who can sustain without it?

    • A Running Chick says:

      Sara, I’m one of those people who just can’t take a rest day. Most of the time, I just walk. But the way training has worked out in my schedule, it just isn’t happening this time. My husband will NOT workout without me so I have to get that third day of P90X in. This time around, a rest day is a no run day…but I still strength train. I haven’t had any issues thus far. And I need to stay active just to keep limber, especially with the spectacular miles I’ve had to run with Hal Higdon’s Boston Bound.

  2. I just got a blister for the first time in forever on Saturday (new shoes methinks). I used to use moleskin…

  3. Laurel C says:

    A good pair of socks is soooooo important for preventing blisters!

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