10 Words in 10 Days…Day 2

 1. reconsider and alter (something) in the light of further evidence.

I gotta be honest. The original word of the day was unsettled. And it was sad, dismal, and depressing.

Here is a little sample from my first version:

As awful as it sounds, I’m still mildly unsettled. It is taking every last ounce of energy I have to convince myself that it will be okay if I end up walking this marathon. A few attempts yesterday at picking up a jog seemed futile. And I’m far from sure of anything.

But, when I sat down to wrap it up, and shared with my sister that it was a depressing blog post, she suggested maybe I revise it. And I agreed.



Earlier I spoke with my husband.

“You sound off. What’s the matter?” he asked
“My test run didn’t go so well,” I said.
“Why? What happened?” he asked again.
“My leg hurts,” I answered.
“So what?” he said. “So your leg hurts. It is what it is. Just go and do what you can. You can’t do anymore than that at this point. Enjoy the experience.”



It is time to revise. No, it is not going to be the race I want to run. I’ll have to alter my plan. I’ll have to reconsider a course of action in light of my experience today. The good thing is I won’t have to worry so much about fueling or hydration because I’ll now just be taking my time. It is going to be an event, an experience, a moment to treasure.


Being in the midst of it all will be enough to power me though. And I’m hoping that arriving in Boston, picking up my race bib, and enjoying the sights and sounds of the expo will elevate my hopes to a level where I can be comfortable with this entire experience.


Turn that frown upside down. No more negativity. Nothing can be done now. Nothing will change. Revise, reconsider, and re-evaluate. Time to blow it all off. Time to…



It’s Boston, for God’s sake.

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  1. MGD says:

    yes – it is BOSTON! and you ARE THERE because of what you have done!!!!!! “Perfect” is the enemy of “good” – go out and have a good race (and the whole experience of the Boston Marathon will be “perfect” for you)…

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