10 Words in 10 Days…Final Day

1. frivolous and lighthearted; impulsive; flighty.

I’m giddy. Downright giddy. Yesterday I was surrounded…no…inundated by runners. And not just runners, but everything running.

We walked down Boylston Street…across the finish line.
We saw all the signs in the windows of the local merchants.
We saw the banners, and the festivities, and the city, and the people.
We ate lunch. (We were starving.)

And we went to the expo.

As we waited outside the restroom for my mom to emerge, who passes right by me but Hal Higdon!

“Hi Hal!” I called out. “Thanks for training me!” I shouted.
He turned, smiled and said, “Hey! Hi!”

Brush with fame.

Then we went to get my bib, and pick up my race bag. We got the most awesome long sleeved Boston Marathon tech shirt in our bags, plus a car sticker, and other fun things including a bracelet made from last years race banners.

Picking up my bib.

Picking up my bib.

And into runners paradise. If my family weren’t with me, I would have stopped at every booth. But it was crowded and we had a mission.

I met my Energybits people. Giddy.
I met my Vega people. Giddy.
I met my Ortholite people. Giddy.

Ortholites...the friendliest people on earth!

Ortholites…the friendliest people on earth!

But I missed my facebook friends. Hopefully I’ll catch up with them later today.

And as we got on the elevator to leave the expo, there were already two people on board. I was busy reading my tweets…but as we emerged my sister pinched me.

“Look who that is!” she whispered.

It was Shalane Flanagan with a very well-built bodyguard. Very cool…but she shuffled off so quickly, I couldn’t ask for a photo opportunity. But still…

Brush with fame.

Today we will return to the expo and hopefully meet Dean Karnazes (now, that I don’t want to miss). And listen to Kathrine Switzer.


If I never step foot across the start line, I’d still be giddy. Because today, I crossed the finish line.



Someone pinch me. Where am I? Boston…the frickin’ Boston Marathon.

3 Responses to 10 Words in 10 Days…Final Day

  1. Patrick GR says:

    Heard K Switzer speak at Mankato Marathon Expo last fall — she’s awesome! Savor every moment!

  2. Brian says:

    So happy for you! Enjoy the experience!

  3. Have an awesome run!

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