10 Words in 10 Days…Day 8

 1. of extraordinary quality, as if arising from some external creative impulse.

Yesterday I had the unique opportunity to participate in a photo shoot. The Minneapolis Star Tribune took a group shot of all Minnesota’s Boston bound marathoners.

There are some 600 runners representing the upper mid-western state, but just a little over 200 attended the photo shoot. 200 amazingly, brilliant, gifted, runners.

I did not know a soul, although I swear I recognized a few faces from events that I have run in around the area. I don’t think I even uttered a word to anyone the entire time. I was more taken by all these people who were on their way to run Boston. The first that caught my eye was a woman who must have been in her late 70s. She was beaming brilliantly, with silver hair, and make up. And she was in fabulous shape. She had a Boston Marathon jacket on from a previous year and I overheard her tell one of the other attendees that this would be her 5th marathon run at Boston!

Star Tribune Photo Shoot of 2014 Boston Marathon runners

Star Tribune Photo Shoot

In fact, I’d say 75% of those in attendance had on a jacket from previous runnings of the Boston Marathon. Many of whom ran it last year. And many of whom did not get to finish the race and were invited to go back this year. I felt a bit like a loner, because I have never run one. And again, surrounded by these “runners” made me think for a moment…do I really belong here? Am I really this caliber of a runner to be lined up with such a group of athletes? I mean, these people were young, fit and in amazing shape. They all were beaming brilliantly…happy, humble, and heavily full of anticipation to run Boston 2014.

I looked around several times at the crowd behind me. Yep. I’m here. I’m standing here among these amazing athletes. No one told me to leave. No one told me I didn’t belong. The only negative player in the crowd was me and my own head. Time to call myself out on it. Time to push it out of my thoughts. Time to get real. Time to accept.


Time to be inspired.

These images were posted on the internet this week by DEAR WORLD: BOSTON MARATHON: Survivors + responders return to the finish line. Portraits by @dearworld. I hope that you’ll take the time to look at them and read the stories. They are heartbreaking, heartwarming, and inspiring all at the same time. How could I even question my fate with this injury? Who am I to question anything? I’m not one of these survivors. I’m just an everyday runner with a sore leg, that will ultimately heal with time.

Roseann Sdoia From @DearWorld

Roseann Sdoia From @DearWorld

This particular photo struck me because of what she wrote on her arm. “It is what it is.” Roseann Sdoia says this is what she said to her mom when she came out of her medically induced coma.

“We have deformities to our bodies, but I think it makes us stronger to be so open with it. I think it’s part of our therapy to get through what happened to us. I feel like it was supposed to happen. I feel like my life was supposed to change. I don’t know if it’s to help others, but I feel like there was a reason for it. It happened to help bring some sort of awareness to disabilities or amputations. You definitely look at the world differently.”

How frickin’ inspiring.

This woman right here…she inspires me. She may not know it. She probably never will. How many people has she inspired already?

And how many might I inspire? Sure I have doubts, I have questions, I have problems and difficulties. But that doesn’t mean I don’t inspire people. It doesn’t help to be negative. It doesn’t help to be down. It doesn’t help to flood my thoughts with self pity. It is what it is. I am who I am. This is my message to the world. This is my life.


Negativity be gone. It is high time to be inspire…and see who I can inspire.

5 Responses to 10 Words in 10 Days…Day 8

  1. I think we all have doubts about where we belong and don’t belong. You’ve clearly earned your spot so go out there and inspire. Enjoying reading your pre-race thoughts.

  2. Brian says:

    Well, you inspire ME! And in spite of the fact the you are a Boston “newbie”, I think that if many of those other athletes could take a look at your race results, your training logs and your body transformation they might be a little intimidated to be in the same place as YOU! SO looking forward to hearing how you do! ROCK IT!

  3. runswithpugs says:

    Amazing! You are going to take Boston by storm. Thinking of you!

  4. beautifully said my friend!! and yes, you DO inspire me to be a better runner all the time!! I’m still pretty new on my journey and it helps to have such a strong woman to follow after! You ARE going to rock Boston. I can’t wait to hear about your experience! Thank you for posting the article about the survivors. I am looking forward to taking some time later to read their stories.

  5. ymanillaw says:

    This is such an inspiring post. We all have our moments of self doubt, but stopping to take it all in and realize you ARE one of those amazing athletes that others will be looking up to helps to keep it all in perspective. And and I know you’re gonna rock it at the Boston Marathon this year! 🙂

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