Patience is a Pill

This week has been a lesson in patience. From the smaller things, to the larger…each in it’s own right. It seems I’ve been waiting a lifetime all week long. If absence really does make the heart grow fonder, I should be a love goddess!

First things first…waiting until my leg feels better has been the ultimate hell. I wake up mornings feeling like I could run for miles. Then, I step funny, or twist one way or the other and I’m reminded that I won’t be running today. In fact, even walking long distances has become a chore. And I don’t remember if it was always this way or not. But then again, I was on an anti-inflammatory during the weeks surrounding the Boston Marathon, so maybe that helped to put me over the “walking” hump.

Deciding to get an MRI last Friday might have put my mind at ease…for that moment. But having to wait for the results has been dreadful. Mainly because I waited for my disc, and since I sometimes like to play a radiologist on TV, I have diagnosed myself with a stress fracture. I know…right? It can actually put my mind at ease convincing myself of it because if they boot me, then I’m forced to heal. That could be a good thing. BUT, it is now Wednesday and the imaging center is not playing nice in getting the report to my doctor. So here I am waiting…waiting…waiting.

Patience please hurry up

Regardless, I’ve been getting the P90X done, and riding the stationary bike. And as much as I dread it, it serves its purpose.

Which leads me to my next issue…waiting for my Octane Fitness Zero Runner. I was hoping it would arrive last week, but that has not happened. I’m happy to say that they are slated to deliver it TOMORROW at 11:30am. Not that I have any doubts that it will arrive on time…well, ok…a few doubts…because of which I’ll get on the bike in the morning, regardless, and the Zero Runner, should it arrive, can just be a bonus workout.

Inner Peace

As much as I waited for my husband to take his “man” vacation with his brothers and nephews, and waited on Saturday to drop him off the the airport, I am now waiting for him to get home. It seems that I’m lonelier than I anticipated not having someone to randomly distract me throughout the day. It is funny what you get used to.

And despite the fact that I don’t like to wish my children’s lives away, I’m patiently awaiting the end of the school year. It has been a rather brutal on for us in so many ways, it will be nice to get that all behind us for the future and let summer open some new doors for everyone.


So, patience is more of a pill. Something you swallow and then wait…patiently…for your body to respond. Will it be heart racing, like caffeine? Dreamy, like an amphetamine? Euphoric, like a designer drug? Mellow like valium? Or unremarkable, like a multi-vitamin? Only time will tell.

What have you been waiting for lately? Has it happened yet?

3 Responses to Patience is a Pill

  1. So sorry to hear that you have been in pain and not being able to run. At least you are still doing something to get a workout in. Patience is so hard to have, especially when you are waiting to run again. I was on a hiatus awhile back and time couldn’t come quick enough for me to run again. Right now, I am waiting for my time to move. I am relocating for me job from Virginia Beach to Philadelphia. So sad to be leaving the beach life:( Although I’ve head there is great running near the Philadelphia area.

  2. I’ve been recovering from a stress fracture-I hope you don’t have one. It’s really hard not to do what you love with the people you love to do it with. I am back running now but it’s slow coming back and I have to be very disciplined with my mileage so I don’t re injure it. Patience is not something us runners are good at. Sending good vibes your way!

  3. Hannah says:

    I’m a new reader, hope you don’t have a stress fracture! I was trying to look back over your posts to find when it started bothering you and where it was hurting (I’m an athletic trainer, so injuries are my life ūüėČ ). anyway, hopefully your doc will call you soon with a good prognosis!

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