I’m OK To Go and #ShineForBrey

"I'm OK to go!"

That is actually a line from one of my favorite movies ever…Contact! Yeah, it was a bit of a sleeper but I swear I saw it at least 100 times. Before she heads off on the journey of a lifetime, Ellie tells the crew, “I’m OK to go…”

And that is what my orthopedist told me today. “Ramp it up slowly, ease back if it gives you issues…”

Yeah, I could have given that prescription.

But that is OK! Because I plan to play this one by the book. I’m in no huge hurry to get back out there too fast. I want to do it right. My plan was to actually start with a bit of a walk tonight up to my garden, but the mosquitoes are so stinkin’ bad, we had to drive instead.

My Garden

My Garden

Oh well. Maybe tomorrow I’ll head out onto the main road where they aren’t as pesky and give it a go. I’ve been told by my PT sister to stay on the soft gravel road, and the road just outside our driveway is just that. I’ll just have to see how bad the skeeters are when I get there.

In the meanwhile, I’ll do the majority of my training on the Zero Runner and bike. And of course, P90X is still my default workout.

My P90X arm

My P90X arm

On Saturday last week, I got on the Zero Runner with the intention of going long. I just wasn’t sure how long. I never really know until I get on it. It takes a while for my body to warm up and get into the groove, so sometimes I really wear myself out in the first 10 minutes. This day, however, I was feeling rather light on my feet, and I had the time, so…….

I kept going.

There is this virtual run that I signed up for on Facebook to raise funds for the sweetest little girl who just wants to SWIM. You see, she hasn’t been able to since she was born. She is the daughter of a couple that I communicate regularly with in my virtual circle. She was born at 29 weeks with 2 birth defects of her esophagus, TE Fistula and a Stage 3 Laryngeal Cleft. She’s had 7 major surgeries and OVER 60 trips into the OR requiring anesthesia. And she is a twin! So it really hits home for me, since I am mom and step-mom to 2 sets of twins. And she is just the cutest little thing.



Anyway, it was a 5K virtual run, and I signed up knowing full well that I wasn’t able to run…yet. And not really quite sure when I could run again, I decided I’d make the attempt to do a Zero Runner Half Marathon on her behalf. I had attempted it once already but had to cut it short because of family obligations. This day, however, was my day. And I made it a full 13.14 miles on the Zero Runner. It took me just over 2 hours, which to be quite honest, I was very pleased with because at that pace on the Zero Runner, you are literally dripping with sweat.

My Zero Runner Half Marathon

My Zero Runner Half Marathon

So, it was a great weekend! We dropped the kids off at Jazz camp, and although I promised my girlfriend Pat I wouldn’t clean…it seems that is what I’ll probably end up doing. But it is in a good way, because I’m giving E-Bay a run for it’s money, and I’ve already raked in $300 today alone! Yeah, baby…that’s what I’m talkin’ bout…

Being bootless is weird. My leg feels kind of naked…and funny. But at least I’ll be able to sneak around again. That is important! I don’t always want everyone around here to know what I’m doing…Ha ha!!

I’ll seriously be looking at some marathon training programs here in the next week. And I’ll consider making my own, as I’ll really need to get back into this slowly. I think I can come up with a couch to marathon plan that will work out just fine. And I’m wrapping up my coach page so look for it to appear in the menu above!

Time to shine!

Have you ever sold your old stuff on E-Bay? What is the best sale you’ve made?

4 Responses to I’m OK To Go and #ShineForBrey

  1. Are you doing Twin Cities marathon? I am running it with a friend. It’ll be my 3rd marathon. I’m pretty excited because I was training for it on 2011 and found out I was pregnant. I wasn’t comfortable to train and run it so I didn’t. I spectated instead which was a huge mistake because pregnancy hormones emerged and I couldn’t stop crying because I was suppose to be running it. hehehe

  2. so happy that you are healed and ready to get back on the road…a gravel one 🙂 Happy Running neon girl!

  3. Yey! So glad the boot came off! Congrats and follow Dr’s orders!! It’s hard to take it slow but a necessary evil!! So happy for you!

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