Is Summer Over Yet?

WHAT? You mean it hasn’t even STARTED? Are you sure? Since when did summer become a full time job?

It seems that since my girls have turned 14, summer break has suddenly become summer madness. Our girls aren’t the sporty type, although they do ride horses. Plus, we live in the boonies and there are no neighborhood friends…well, actually, there is NO neighborhood at all to speak of. So their father and I are left to keep them occupied from morning to late afternoon. This has come in the form of chores, that need to be performed daily, nightly, weekly, etc., right here on our unGodly vast property. Eventually, they will get the drift and fall into routine in a few weeks, but in order to reach that state, there is training and supervision involved. And this has meant incredibly busy days.

I haven’t missed a workout, however. And for that I’m proud. It hasn’t been easy, still not able to run. But my Zero Runner has more than fit the bill, and I’m managing to stay in pretty decent shape regardless. Plus, since the stress of Boston has ended, I have been able to put more effort into my P90X workouts and it is showing…greatly…which is a good thing, I think. My husband doesn’t necessarily like my newly reformed muscular-ness. But right now, it’s all I have.

Once the workout is done, however, the girls need to awake from their slumber. I aim for 9am, but sometimes I don’t get them up until 9:30am. They eat and then get handed a list of chores. My husband, for the most part, has used the extra two sets of hands to his advantage, and has them helping him rebuild our deck, mow the lawns, clean the animal stalls, reinvent the garage, etc. Myself? Since they have each claimed new bedrooms, I’ve taken the opportunity to purge…and I mean PURGE the house of crap. We’ve take each room apart one by one on the rainy days and packed stuff up to keep, stuff to toss, and stuff to donate. So far, we are more than 50% done with this behemoth of a house. And since summer isn’t even officially here yet, I call that a major victory.

Next week, the girls will be attending Jazz camp two hours from home. This will be a bit of a mini vacation for both my husband and I…a vacation to get our own stuff done, anyway, as we have been sidetracked training our girls for this thing called “life”. Nope, it hasn’t been easy since school was dismissed June 5th, but it has been productive.

Needless to say, sitting down to write a blog post has been nothing but painful agony for me. But I’m hoping that by getting all this out, it will now just flow every few days, especially in their absence next week.

Therefore, I apologize for the lack of photos or recipes, or running updates. I will see my orthopedist on Monday and am so looking forward to some good news regarding my tibia. It feels GREAT but I’m growing weary of the clomping of the boot, and the twice daily ultrasound sessions. My leg is more bruised from wearing the boot that it was from the original injury. I think it may be time to break free. I hope he agrees.

I’ve got so much going on right now on the sidelines, and I can’t wait to share it with you all! Please be patient as I get through this thing called “summer break”. I’m hoping it doesn’t break me before it even gets underway.

What exciting things do you have planned this summer?

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  1. we have nothing exciting planned, but I love summer. Although I know my kids are home, the little time I get with the evening is priceless as there is no nagging about homework, chores, baths, etc.

  2. Hope you get good news from your doc. Healing from a tibia stress fracture takes a long time. I’m back now but slow going and sometimes it still feels off. This is our last week of school and then we will be going off in all diff directions too. I’m going to visit a friend in VT next week-exciting!

  3. Ohhh, i hope you get the news you are looking for!! Summer break is hectic! My boys are small, 2 under the age of 6 and keeping them occupied is a challenge! We are heading to the Boston area for 2 weeks to visit family and then the hubby and I are getting our first alone vacation in 6 years!! Whoo hoo!

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