A Place to Hang my Hat – #Headsweats Race Hat Review

Me wearing The Fittie

I have a weird head. No, really, I do. I can’t wear any of those cute head bands to keep hair and sweat out of my face because they just end up bunching the hair up on top of my head like a Who in Whoville, or snapping right off the back of my bean like a rubber band.


Because of this I like to wear a visor or a cap. And because I’m so scared to death of the sun and what it can do to your skin, I’d rather just slather on some fake tan bronzer than end up with out of control wrinkles later in life. Therefore, keeping the sun out of my face is crucial. I’d prefer to wear a hat to get the ultimate coverage, but the summer heat sometimes forces me to don a visor.

Since I live in Minnesota, I’m a visor girl for 3, or maybe 2…OK JUST 1 of the 4 seasons. Otherwise, I’m wearing a knit cap for obvious reasons. I’ve tried running in baseball style hats in the summer, but I get overheated very quickly and easily. This always astounds me because I have Raynauds. Clearly my body can’t regulate its own temperature. I suppose running in the summer heat, however, effects everyone the same way. You get hot.

When I was asked by Headsweats to test and review one of their many options of head gear, my mind immediately went to a visor. But I already know that I can run in a visor. Why don’t I give their hat a try? It would be a true test, since I don’t typically run in them during the summer months.

And there are pros to hats. The biggest is that they keep the sun off your scalp. And that is where it can do the most damage, because most folks don’t check below their hairline. I have two brothers-in-law that can attest to that fact.

I also prefer running in a hat with a brim because I run with glasses on. Whether it be eye glasses or sun glasses, should it suddenly start to rain, the brim keeps those glasses dry! And that is a plus.

Visor? Hat? Yeah, it’s a tough one. I think there are times where a visor fits the bill, but for the best protection overall, it would be great to be able to don a hat whenever possible.

So I opted to try the race hat.

First Day in Headsweats...and without a boot!

First Day in Headsweats…and without a boot!

I’ll be honest, my running isn’t up to par these days, so I can’t say I have put it to the full test. But I can say that I have been out there a few days in which I wore the race hat, it has been warm. And I wasn’t tempted – at all – to rip it off my head. This is good. And as compared to some other hats I have worn while running, aka. the typical cotton baseball cap, it performed better than I expected.

Second day with the Headsweats Race Hat

Second day with the Headsweats Race Hat

The hat is lightweight, and designed for maximum ventilation. The back is adjustable to fit odd sized heads, like mine, and I can say that it stays on my head even in a 15-20 mph wind. This is good, too. Because there have been a few times where I’ve had to chase a cap across a country road.

Here are the specs on the Headsweats Race Hat:

The High Visibility Reflective Hat features Headsweats’ own proprietary Eventure™ Reflective fabric. Made of lightweight polyester with a highly reflective surface treatment, this hat will keep athletes safe for early morning or evening training sessions.

  • Classic style, superior run-hat fit
  • COOLMAX fabric soft shell
  • COOLMAX terry sweatband
  • Reflective piping around brim and bottom of hat
  • Flat front panel perfect for custom logo application
  • Black undervisor reduces glare
  • Adjustable buckle with ponytail opening
  • One size fits most
  • Machine washable

I’ll admit that I am anxious to test the hat on an 80° day. So I’ll be back with a follow up review…if we ever get there! Minnesota has been anything but summer this year…not that I’m complaining.

And, I also love the visibility. Now available in Hi-Vis Yellow, it clearly attracts the attention of a neon lover, not to mention the attention of the driver she is trying desperately to attain, so as not to get runned over.

Race Hat - Hi Vis Yellow with Reflective Piping

Race Hat – Hi Vis Yellow with Reflective Piping

I also wore the hat during a hot and steamy parade  last week, and although I wasn’t running, it kept me cool, dry and sun protected. And I have worn it fishing and gardening, too. It is great for keeping the flies at bay!

But what I noticed, and liked the most about the Headsweats hat, is that my ponytail wasn’t dripping with sweat when I was finished with my run! This happens in all my knit caps and other baseball hats that I run in. But not the visors. Nor did it happen in this hat.

The race hat itself comes in many color options, donning a special logo or design, or with piping or without. And you can get them customized if you so desire. I believe that for the price, the race hat pays for itself. It is a great value!

Besides…it comes in #neon.

Headsweats for the Neon Girl!

Headsweats for the Neon Girl!


So, go visit my friends at Headsweats, and choose the color fit for YOU! I’m pretty sure you won’t be disappointed. And your scalp will thank you, too!

Do you prefer a hat or a visor? Or do you have a perfect shaped head for those fancy headbands?

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4 Responses to A Place to Hang my Hat – #Headsweats Race Hat Review

  1. Michelle says:

    Im a visor girl myself as hats hold the heat in too much…if it’s cool, or a shorter run I don’t mind hats.

  2. Laura Gay says:

    I love hats! This one looks like a running winner. I’ll keep this brand in mine when I’m shopping for a new hat. Thanks for the review.

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