…Because I'm Happy!

Happy leg...

No, it hasn’t been the best year for me. After somehow surviving the winter from hell while being treated for one injury, I stumbled into a second, much worse injury than the first. No, Boston wasn’t what I envisioned, because I wasn’t at 100%.  But it was still amazing. So, I’m not complaining…but having to recover from that second injury proved to be my biggest challenge in recent years. Accepting that I wouldn’t be able to run for weeks, maybe even months, was a hard pill to swallow. Not only that, but cursing myself for not seeking medical attention sooner turned it into one of the longest springs of my life.

I was booted. And I’m glad I took all the action that I did, despite the fact that I should have done it a month earlier. In the span of a year, a month is nothing. In the span of a Minnesota spring, it is everything.

Das Boot.

Das Boot.

Yeah, I’m getting older. Yeah, I’ve probably reached my peak fitness. Yeah, it takes longer to recover and heal the older you get. And yeah, you learn. With each setback, you learn.

Today's Run

Today’s Run

Today, for the first time in months, I had an amazing pain-free run. Not just the leg pain from the most recent injury, but the thigh pain that I have had since spring of last year and was being treated for early this year. Somehow, the physical therapy, the zero runner, the exercise bicycle, the break from the pounding runs, what have you…all of it has somehow come together and come full circle. I ran 7.5 miles in an hour. Back to my old, familiar pace. Back to where I feel my finest. Back to running heaven.

Happy leg...

Happy leg…

It was still a bit difficult, as my stamina has taken a hit. But even so, the feeling of hitting that 7-mile mark with not even an iota of discomfort was exhilarating. Of course, my sub-conscious wanted to keep going. But my common sense told me to quit while I was ahead. I still have months to slowly increase that distance while maintaining a happy pace.

I have nothing but time.

I’ve always been a believer in fate. And the thought that I sustained this injury in the first place tells me that it was time to take a break. And God had to force it on me, because I’m one stubborn cookie. I didn’t enjoy it, but I’m glad he did. Clearly, it had to happen.

Me and Carol Ann at the Color Run!

Me and Carol Ann at the Color Run!

The road back has been long and questionable. Just last week, in fact, I had my doubts. But if everyday continues like today, it’ll be safe to say that a comeback in inevitable. And I’ve already begun my next journey. The one where I learned to ease off, and listen to my inner good sense, and do it right. The one where I walked through a 5K Color Run. The one where I voluntarily decided not to run my favorite local 4-milers. The one where I grew up, and tamed my stubborn nature.

The one where I’ll shine.

...Because I'm happy!

…Because I’m happy!

How has your stubborn nature gotten in the way of your life? How did you beat it?

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  1. I injured my Achilles last fall, a mere week after running the race of my life…and it set me back FAR. But I am feeling stronger now despite some normal 40+ year old aches and pains! Glad you are back at it!

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