Sleeping Tight the #REM-Fit Way

Sleep. Yeah. We all need it. We all want it. But how do we get quality sleep? Personally, I believe this is way more difficult for the women than it is for the men. I don’t think I have seen one incidence of the male persuasion who could not fall asleep during a 5th grade band concert, or stay asleep though an earthquake, thunderstorm, or a puking child. When men shut down, they shut down. And they don’t have to deal with the many symptoms that are associated with a women’s hormonal cycle. This is probably a good thing, because they are already somewhat difficult to live with without it.

Here is what WebMD has to say about lack of sleep:

1. Sleepiness Causes Accidents
2. Sleep Loss Dumbs You Down
3. Sleep Deprivation Can Lead to Serious Health Problems
-Sleep disorders and chronic sleep loss can put you at risk for:

  • Heart disease
  • Heart attack
  • Heart failure
  • Irregular heartbeat
  • High blood pressure
  • Stroke
  • Diabetes

4. Lack of Sleep Kills Sex Drive
5. Sleepiness Is Depressing
6. Lack of Sleep Ages Your Skin
7. Sleepiness Makes You Forgetful
8. Losing Sleep Can Make You Gain Weigh
9. Lack of Sleep May Increase Risk of Death
10. Sleep Loss Impairs Judgment, Especially About Sleep

I was recently contacted by Protect-A-Bed to test and review products from their REM-Fit line. My first thought was “Bedding for athletes? What the …?” But then, it hit me. I wonder, I just wonder what it can do for night sweats!


Oh, and am I a candidate!

It’s funny, but I’ve always been the mummified sleeper. Wrap me in a multitudes of blankets, turn down the heat, and keep your hands to yourself and I’ll sleep like a baby. I swear though that it all changed on my 43rd birthday. Conincidentally enough, this is also when I began seriously exercising. Whether it is all realated, or whether it truly is peri-menopause is probably a moot point. The point is that I sweat profusely in the overnight hours.


I’ve pretty much tried it all. Unfortunatley, as I have grown warmer, my husband has grown colder, so turning up the air conditioning or turning down the heat isn’t always an option. I’ve even bought twin size bedding for our king size bed so that I can have my own set just to spare my husband the grief of having to experience the saturated sheets. There are nights where I have to change my pajamas 2-3 times. Yeah, it’s that bad.

Another big issue of mine is that I’m a belly sleeper. This poses yet another barrage of problems. The first of which is that I need a few extra pillows to rest my prone shoulder on. And, I need a pillow firm enough to support my head, yet flimsy enough to prevent a neck ache in the morning. Seriously, sleeping should not be this difficult.

Let’s tackle the pillow first. Pillows are very personal. In fact, my husband and I like to tote ours along when we travel. There is nothing worse than an unfamiliar pillow. My husband is so anal about this, that I actually have to beg him to allow me to toss his in the washing machine every few months. He’s very afraid it will compromise the integrity of his pillow. I, on the otherhand, would rather have a clean, freshly laundered pillow every once in a while.

Protect-A-Bed offered to send me a REM-Fit Rest Adjustable Pillow. Oooooooh. Really? Do I want to try a pillow? This is tough for me because of the neck issue. But, since sleep is so difficult to come by these days, what do I have to lose?

I am so excited to report that there was no adjustment period associated with this pillow. It was perfect. It molded to exactly where I needed it to be, and it did not cause any neck ache in the morning. It also stays amazingly cool and crisp. And I do not sweat above it! Here is what REM-fit says about their pillow.

Rest is necessary for mental and physical balance. Sleep is essential to help energize your body for the physical requirements of today’s lifestyle. Tencel® helps promote the physical comfort that leads to total relaxation and the perfect night’s sleep.

Using the REM-Fit rest adjustable pillow will help you fully balance your life. Tencel® for the Mind, Body and Sleep.

Natural TENCEL® fiber which:

  • Is soft and silky
  • Is hypo allergenic
  • Prohibits bacteria growth
  • Wicks away moisture
  • Is thermo-regulating

Miracle Membrane® which:

  • Provides dust mite protection
  • Is waterproof yet air vapor porous
  • Prevents stains from spills and perspiration

Yeah, but how is it adjustable, you may wonder? Well, you can take some of the innerds out! REM-Fit Rest makes this very easy to do. And, I could understand why you might want to do this. In fact, I was almost certain upon first inspection of the pillow that this would be me. However, after the second night, I realized adjustment would not be necessary. It adjusted to me. Perfectly! What a deal! And, I have not a neck ache to report in the two weeks I have been sleeping with it. This is a true find!

REM-Fit's Adjustable Pillow

REM-Fit’s Adjustable Pillow

REM-Fit Rest also provided me with pillow protectors for my current pillows. I put them on and then put my current “hotel” style pillowcases over them. And yet again, they stayed cool and dry. Previously, this was an issue because on the rare occasion that I did get a few hours of solid sleep, my pillows would get rather damp with the lack of my tossing and turning. I haven’t had a damp pillow thus far.

REM-Fit's Energize Pillow Protectors

REM-Fit’s Energize Pillow Protectors

Finally, REM-Fit sent a mattress protector in my care package. This, my friends, would be the true test. Because not only would I have to approve of it, but so would the hubster. And when it comes to sheets, he is the pickiest! This is the reason why I had to have my own set for so long.

When I first unwrapped it, I was mighty skeptical because it reminded me of one of those waterproof kid mattress protectors that make a good bit of noise when you sleep on them. But then I realized that you put your own fitted sheet over the protector. Ah! This might work!

I purposely neglected to tell my husband that I put the matress protector on the bed because I didn’t want to put the thought in his head that he was sleeping on something foreign. What he doesn’t know…

And, success once again! He didn’t even notice. But I noticed! Dry, cool, and comfortable. Really? Yes! Amazing. I have not had to change my pajama top once in two weeks.

REM-Fit's Energize Matress Protectors

REM-Fit’s Energize Matress Protectors

REM-Fit was generous in sending me their Energize line of products, so I can not speak for their other specialty items. But if you are serious about your sleep and if you suffer from similar maladies as I do, then I highly recommend this line of products.

They also offer warranties on many of their products. I’m not sure I have ever seen anything of the sort with any other bedding protection manufacturer.

Plus, they are sponsoring a giveaway to win a free pillow on their Facebook page this month!

REM-Fit products are available in some retailers. But, you can also purchase them from their website.

They are worth a peek! And be sure to check out their Protect-A-Bed and their Motivate line as well!

Note: The opinions in this review belong to me, the author. I don’t accept payment in exchange for a review, but will accept a sample at no cost to provide honest opinions on such. This post may contain affiliate/referral links per my own discretion.

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