GaGa for Gadgets – #Fittie Review and Giveaway

Yeah, I’m a gadget girl. I especially love gadgets that can hold lots of gadgets. So, when my man Newman Dalton contacted me and asked me if I would test drive The Fittie, I was beyond excited. This nifty piece of equipment looks like it is right up my alley.

I know I’ve blogged about gadget holders before. And I think I own at least one every kind. I have tried the FlipBelt, the HipsSister, the Tune Belt and the SPIbelt, to name a few. But as the gadgets on my gadgets change, so must the equipment I use to hold my gadgets.

Right now, I’m sporting an iPhone 4S. Yes, I know, I’m behind the times on this one…but I have been forbidden by my husband to upgrade until the iPhone 6 is released later this year. My iPhone has a Cafe Press battery extender on it. I love this particular case and battery pack because it really powers my phone and all the apps I like to run, as I’m running. And it has a non-slip, rubbery kind of texture. As great as that is for preventing one’s phone from slipping out of one’s hand, it is decisively difficult to slip it in and out of a Flip Belt or a HipsSister, let alone a Tune Belt on your arm. And although I have seen those phone holders you can wear in the palm of your hand, my Raynaud’s would make that close to impossible for me and my white and/or blue fingers.

Now, enter The Fittie. This you wear around your shoulder and torso. It kind of reminds me of a crossing guard vest. It is snug, and quite comfortable, even with a tank top on. And it sports two pockets. One is up front, to hold your iPhone or similar, and there is one in the back for holding other items. At first, I didn’t get the one in the back, but since I have recently been driving to my running route, it is a great place to store keys and tissues. It is not easy to access while you are running, however, unless you are inclined to stop and pull something out.

The Fittie Features and Sizing

The Fittie Features and Sizing

That being said, the front pocket that holds your phone? Well that is the bomb! Because, not only do you have easy access to it at all times, no fumbling necessary, but it doesn’t move around while you are running! It stays close to your body without any jostling of the sort. This I love. Both the HipsSister and the FlipBelt can cause it’s contents to flop around on any given day. It doesn’t happen all the time. In fact, they are both great to use in winter probably because the extra layers prevent the extra movement. But in summer, it tends to be a problem for me. The Fittie may just end up being my new summer accessory!

Me wearing The Fittie

Me wearing The Fittie

Newman was kind enough to provide me with the Safety Orange Fittie (he already knows me very well) and I just adore the color. My husband has stated that he admires the visibility of it. And it matches everything in my wardrobe (#neon).

Another Fittie Test Day

Another Fittie Test Day

My only recommendation to improve upon the Fittie would be a second, smaller front pouch for items like a lip balm, or a pouch of EnergyBits, or a credit card, or a tissue…something you might want to have instant access to, without losing it as you pull out your phone. There just isn’t enough room in the phone pouch for another bulky item.

As far as sizing goes, I’m not a big person. I’m 5’4″ and about 115. My chest is pretty muscular so I opted for the size Small…it is perfect! It fits like a glove. And there is a 2-3 inch adjustment in the velcro closure, so take that into consideration.

I didn’t sweat under it either, which is a major plus. And I experienced no chafing, even in a tank top. Honestly, you forget you are wearing it.

It comes in a few other color options, and Newman has assured me that sizes XS and XL are on the way!

The Fittie in Black/Pink

The Fittie in Black/Pink

I’m also excited to announce that I have been authorized to sponsor a giveaway for my lucky readers! One of you will win your very own Fittie just by entering the Rafflecopter below.

a Rafflecopter giveaway

Thanks so much for your support!

Do you run with a smart phone? What do you use to tote it around on your runs?

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22 Responses to GaGa for Gadgets – #Fittie Review and Giveaway

  1. PetitePacer says:

    I would not keep my phone in the front pocket. Too close to my breast/chest. I’ll keep it in my hand or on my arm. Just in case!

  2. DANA Lentz says:

    My son was in the National Guard and had a water bottle holder that he no longer needed, so he gave it to me. I clip it around my waist and throw my phone and id in it on my runs.

  3. Bain says:

    I can’t go running without my phone. It’s not just that I’m addicted to Nike+, but that I always want to have access to a map and a phone (just in case). Right now I’m using the HBTunes, which straps to your hand (you don’t hold it) and has a pocket for cash/card/ID. It’s pretty durable, too.

  4. robin says:

    I’ve been using a flipbelt but lost enough weight that it’s too big (woo hoo!) So i got an amphipod fanny pack thingy that a race bib can be clipped to. The pocket is stretchy, but bigger items (phone) will flop around in there.

  5. Dawn says:

    Armband for phone and spibelt for everything else. Hate both ;( This looks awesome!!

  6. I’ve been experimenting with different things. I actually hold my phone because I’m obsessed with my pace/time and need to keep checking it. But I hold my other stuff in a FlipBelt or an Armpocket or a RooSport – those are the things I use most often!

  7. Lisa Jones says:

    I got back and forth from a SPI belt to my Nathan arm band. Depends on the season too as it’s easier to wear a SPI belt in winter than an arm band.

  8. Cori says:

    I only have an armband for my phone, but it doesn’t fit my arm all that well. This looks like this would be a great replacement.

  9. Kirsten says:

    I run with a phone to track my run and listen to music. I’ve been using a FlipBelt recently.

  10. Sadly, I carry my phone in my hand. I don’t trust anything else yet, and I have had a phone go flying from a secure place already.

    I do have concerns about how functional this could be for someone with a large chest. I am going to contact them directly. thanks for the review. I am very intrigued by this.

  11. Kim says:

    I only do my longer runs with a phone as my shorter runs keep me in my neighborhood. I usually use a Spibelt.

  12. shannon mock says:

    This looks awesome! I have tried EVERY gadget holder under the sun and have yet to find one that is just right! This looks like it could be perfect! Is it reflective? That would be even better if it was! Would love to give this a shot!

  13. I currently use an armband or a SPI belt

  14. Hi Theresa, Since you are one of my favorite bloggers and all around awesome supporter of the fitness community on FB, I nominated you for a Very Inspiring Blogger Award. See here for details:

  15. Leah K says:

    I use my waterbottle holder for my phone but it aggravates my back holding it all the time! Been searching for something to carry my stuff that doesn’t bounce!

  16. Ruthie says:

    I use the flip-belt.

  17. Ruthie says:

    I used the flip-belt.

  18. mike says:

    I could really use this

  19. Sharon says:

    Right now I use an off-brand armband to carry my phone. I’ve never tried anything else.

  20. Theresa C. says:

    I’m currently using a iFitness belt or flip belt.

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