The Tortoise Wins the Race

Run #3 occurred yesterday on the back country roads of south central Minnesota, and in the far reaches of my brain, I was running a 7-minute mile. Why? The night before I dreamt about running. I dreamt that I crushed my marathon pace at Grandma’s and re-qualified for Boston. I dreamt I had no discomfort and that I was light as air. I dreamt I was on fire.

Back to reality and here I am chugging…no, change that…clomping down County Road 91 praying for a miracle. These first three runs have been sobering. It isn’t easy coming back. And I expected that. But it doesn’t mean I have to like it.

I’ve started out very clumsily on these runs as I try to refocus on my form. Clearly, I’ve lost that. I still have the power, and I still have the lung capacity. But it is like learning to talk all over again. First you hear the words, then you learn how to pronounce the words. Then you learn how to put them together. Then you speak them, until they are liquid…fluid…discernible.

I’m basically doing the same thing.

The funny thing is, it’s working. But with each new run, the lesson starts from scratch again. Like somewhere, somehow, in the 48 hour span that I wasn’t running, I forgot how to run yet again. The DOMS from each attempt is mind boggling, so just warming up from that takes a mile or two. Then working those inner tendons around the tibia takes another. By the time mile 3.5 rolls around, I’m feeling good. But it is almost time to quit. And I refuse to push it.

But I’m still smiling.

Still Smilin'!

Still Smilin’!

My PT likes my 4-mile plan every other day, she just requested I flatten out my route a little bit.

“I know you like the hills,” she says, “but, let’s get you running 4 miles with ease first. Then we can talk about upping the ante.”

I’ve agreed. So, tomorrow I’ll try a different route. One that I’ve run many thousands of times over the past few years. It’s a 4 mile, out and back just a block south from me. And it is relatively flat.

I’ve got some new exercises to do, and I need to be diligent with the icing after exercising. And I have to remember to do my door presses before I head out. Because that realigns my hips, which then evens out my leg length, which relieves the pressure from my left lower leg.

We also agreed to return to my original shoe of choice, the Brooks Launch. The more minimalistic style will help control the clomping. And I’ll keep up my cardio on in between days with the bike and Zero Runner.

So, there is a plan. It has been set into motion. With every action comes a reaction…hope…faith…a brighter tomorrow. We are forging ahead into the unknown…but that is OK.

Because it has got to be better from where I’ve just been.

Better Things

Are you recovering from an injury? Where are you at today?

6 Responses to The Tortoise Wins the Race

  1. Judith says:

    I’m recovering from a hip injury, and it is so frustrating to not be able to run like I want. But at least I’m ok to run. I will be skipping a half marathon I signed up for this weekend, and I have to keep reminding myself that it is a bad idea to run it because a part of me wants to still give it a go. Argh.

    • A Running Chick says:

      I hear ya, Judith. There is a local 4-miler I hate to miss this Saturday. I don’t know…I could still do it, but minus the chance of PRing it. If I can get through that in my head, I’ll go do it.

      Keep us posted on how you are doing!

  2. Michelle says:

    Are you doing Grandma’s 2015? I am as well! Injury is my middle name, so I just keep plugging along the best I can. 🙂

    • A Running Chick says:

      I hadn’t thought about doing Grandma’s again…maybe I will! Let’s see if I can muddle through Twin Cities in October!

  3. I like your plan and think that’s great that you are getting back there and smiling! I’m semi recovering from some really bad hip flexor pain I’ve been dealing with for about 4 weeks. It finally started feeling not as awful on my runs and I’ve been taking it easy on my pace, which has been so discouraging, but today I did some speed work at my usual pace and had hardly any pain. What a relief!

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