Will Miracles Never Cease

Might as well JUMP!

Honestly, I didn’t know what to expect. I was already running behind yesterday morning because my husband was running behind, and he has to do P90X with me or he won’t do it at all. We were interrupted a few times during the workout, too, and I was concerned about the rising temperatures. But, we have had an unseasonable cool summer here in Minnesota, so even by late morning we were just in the low 70s, with a light wind…and glorious sunshine. I had already promised my PT I’d run a flatter course for now, and the one I chose is a mile south of my home, so rather then stress the leg by walking there, I opted to park the vehicle along the side of the road.

I took some obligatory EnergyBits photos…well, they aren’t obligatory to THEM…they are to ME, because without fail, my EnergyBits always pull me out of the most desperate situations. So, I opted to give them a little air time today.

My EnergyBits and me!

My EnergyBits and me!

The weather outside of the car was pitch perfect. I was hesitant, yet excited to get started.

I loaded up a Livin’ La Vida Low Carb with Jimmy Moore podcast and got moving.

First step? Nothing. No pain, no discomfort…nothing. Fluke?

Next few steps…nothing…nada…

OMG. What has happened? I had my Brooks Launch on. These are my original GO TO sneaker for shorter distance. I’ve got my toe sox on. I’m running on a relatively flat course. And I’m running at a moderately normal pace. WHAT HAS HAPPENED?

I gotta keep going  just to see if this is real or if it is Memorex (old TV advertisement for VHS recording tapes…)?

I think it is real.

My Runmeter is telling me my pace every half mile, and I’m hearing numbers in the 8’s. REALLY? Oh, this is wonderful…

I hit my turn around just before mile 2. Because I parked a half mile into my run, I’d have to turn around again near mile 3.5 after passing my car.

No problem. No problems…NO PROBLEMS.

Everything I was told to do, I did. My PT adjusted my, fixed my uneven leg length with a few moves, gave me instructions to follow before my run, and advised I go with the Brooks Launch. And I’ll be damned. It’s all working.

Will miracles never cease? Might as well jump!

Might as well JUMP!

Might as well JUMP!

I wanted to run today so badly, but I stuck with the every other day program. I’ll go out tomorrow. And I’ll pray, with all my might, that I repeat Wednesday’s results.

If so, I’ll be back…Yes. I’ll officially be BACK!

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  2. Emily says:

    Yaaaayy!!!! Crossing my fingers!!!

  3. awesome news, and love the photo!!

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