Oh, This Is A RUNNING Blog!

I guess that means I’m supposed to talk about my running! Funny that I haven’t mentioned much about it lately. I guess when things are going well, you have a tendency to slack off of it…much like when things are going crappy.

The good news is, things are going well. I’ve had a few minor issues in the past few weeks, but I’ve been more diligent with my pre and post run stretches and exercises and that has pretty much knocked out all the physical miladies right out of the ball park. The mental stuff? Well, that is another blog post entirely.

I just caught glimpse of the Twin Cities Marathon countdown and I just about freaked out when I saw it is now less than three weeks away. I haven’t followed any training plan whatsoever for this run. Instead, I relied on my own system of alternating long and short runs. And I haven’t gotten nuts about fitting in a certain number of 20-milers in before the marathon. As my husband has warned me a few times since I’ve healed from Boston…

“Don’t overdo it.”

Point taken.

I’ve tackled 2 giant runs in the course of the past month, plus a few half marathons. I plan to do one more before the marathon. And I’m not sure how long of a run it will be yet, because, again, I’m listening to my body and playing this training session completely by ear. If I’m feeling good, I’ll go long. If not, I’ll cut it short. My pace has been looking fabulous for the long runs. In fact, 20 seconds faster per mile than it did for Grandma’s last year. I’m confident, God willing, that I will beat that 3:44:43 number at Twin Cities. At least, I’m damn hopeful.

I kinda sorta got involved in a running challenge with some great people on Facebook. Because of it, I’m not taking the rest days I probably should, but with my step-daughter’s wedding coming up in less than 2-weeks, that will end up being a moot point, I believe…plus it will make tapering that much easier.

2014-09-08 10.53.16

I have also been training in 3 pairs of sneakers. One of which are my Brooks Launch, another are a pair of Newton Kismet Fate that I’ll admit, I bought because I loved the color. But I was happy to learn that the sneaker fit my running profile. Buying them from Road Runner Sports is perfect because you can test drive a pair of sneakers for 90 days, as long as you belong to their VIP program. This is totally worth it, as far as I am concerned. Plus, between their coupon codes and E-Bates, I never pay full price for anything at Road Runner Sports. The third pair, I can’t divulge any information about because I’m involved in the wear testing program of a big time sneaker manufacturer. But, I’m happy to say that they have fit right into my training with no ill-effects.

I believe, too, that I am completely fat adapted now. The two long runs I did were both done fasted, and fueled with just one round of Energybits and some electrolytes. I’m astounded at how great I feel and that I can keep up my pace, assuming a slow, methodical start. My brain has never felt clearer on long runs as it does now. Granted, the cooler Minnesota weather has helped with that. But I couldn’t be more giddy about it all. I think my running is taking a bit of a change in course. I thought perhaps my fastest days were over. And they might be, for the short runs. The long runs, however, well, that could be a completely new chapter. I’m very intrigued!

2014-09-09 12.17.06

If you are on Dailymile, please feel free to friend me! All of my runs end up there. But here is a snapshot of my training over the past 4 weeks. The runs have been varied. Some of them I run near home on both hilly and non-hilly routes. And the longer runs I have done at a local park, which is relatively flat, and is a 3.40 mile route around a lake so it means a few laps to get into double digit miles. But…there is always a bathroom and my car along the route. Those are major advantages because I don’t have to carry fluid or fuel. I just keep it in my car and break if I need to.

Training over last 4-weeks

Training over last 4-weeks

My 16 and 20 miler, I managed to keep a pace of around 8:21-ish. I’m amazed by this. Especially because I felt like I could easily continue that pace for another few miles, at least. But, I’ve always been told never to run your marathon while training for a marathon. So I’ve heeded. I also understand this is a nice, even course as far as elevation goes. Twin Cities will be a bit more challenging, but the hillier routes that I have chosen to run closer to home should have me ready for it, I hope.

20-Mile Training Run Stats

20-Mile Training Run Stats from Runmeter

And the Twin Cites Marathon course looks like this.

Twin Cities Marathon

Twin Cities Marathon

Yeah, I’m sweatin’ that 200 ft incline at the end. But if I play my cards right, it shouldn’t play too much into my final time…I hope…

But one thing for sure, I feel mentally and physically better, by 100%, than I did for the Boston Marathon. I can’t help but think, if anything, this run will be far less stressful for me, and I should be able to go out there and enjoy it for what it will be…and not suffer any discomfort along the way!

Are you training for a fall marathon or half-marathon? Which one? How is it going?



3 Responses to Oh, This Is A RUNNING Blog!

  1. Liz says:

    I promise, the climb isn’t nearly as bad as it looks. As soon as you pop up on Cretin, the course will be LINED with people cheering for you.
    Good luck! -Liz

  2. Jenn says:

    You are amazing. I just friended you on Daily Mile.

    I am training for the WDW Marathon, and I have a couple of half marathons thrown in there for fun. It’s exciting and really intimidating all at once.

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