My Clean, Close Shave – Shave Mob Review

My husband is astonished by the wonderful companies who contact me on a regular basis, asking my opinion of their products. And to be honest, he gets a little envious.

“Can I try some of those? Will they send stuff to me?”
“Well, do you want to blog about them?”
“Ok, then.”

Yeah, that’s how it always goes down when I get a box of goodies in the mail.

A few months ago in the midst of the Minnesota summer months, I was approached by – of all things – a razor blade manufacturer and subscription service. Go figure! Anyway, after exchanging e-mails with Johan at Shave Mob about their product and monthly razor subscription, I had a brilliant idea. I’d let my husband try the product this time with the agreement that he would provide me with a review. It would have to be a verbal review, however that I would type up since I can’t get him to sit down for two minutes and write anything. But, for Johan, I was willing to make the sacrifice. Besides, coincidentally enough, my husband has been complaining recently about razors and the razor industry. It would seem that he suspects that commercial, drug store razors were designed to last just long enough to force you to buy refills on a more than regular basis. That irks him to no end. Refills of any non-disposable razor cost a bundle. And the more blades they add, the more expensive they get. Plus, with the extra blades, and all the cute extras that are now included on the blade refills, the harder and harder they are to use and get an accurate shave because they become so darn large.

And I have to agree that this has been my experience, as well. I’ve never nicked my armpits as much as I do now. For the life of me, I can’t determine if it is because I have gotten slimmer, or I can’t turn my neck as far as I used to in order to see what the hell I’m doing, or if the razor has gotten so incredibly large that shaving an armpit becomes more like brushing a hamster with a broom.

I asked Johan for the men’s razor package and made the final decision that my husband would be the guinea pig.

Shave Mob Men's Razors

Shave Mob Men’s Razors

The razors arrived (we received the Caveman blades and handle) and my husband was immediately skeptical…well….because that is how he is.

“I don’t know about this…but we’ll see.”

The first week, I heard squat from him. On about day 7, he finally peeped something about them being “OK”.

But it was near day 15 that he said,

“You know, these razors are growing on me…”
“The first thing was that I thought it would be cheap steel, but they have lasted as well as or maybe even better than a conventional razor blade and time will tell what their shelf life is. You see, conventional razors have a shelf life.”

This, I did not know. My husband doesn’t like when I stock up on razor blade refills because of such shelf life. Fresh bought razor blades are the best. If they sit in your bathroom over time, they become ineffective and don’t last nearly as long.

He said,

“If this company can make a razor blade that has a great shelf life, well, bingo! I’m sold.”

I thought it was too big at first, but after using it extensively, I realized i only need one pass to get a clean shave.”

He continued, “I don’t worry much about getting into tight spaces because I shave in the shower blind, so I go through my entire face to get the bulk of it and finish with a wet/dry razor. I don’t use the trimmer on the razor, because of this. I can tell you that one Shave Mob blade went about month – easy, and that’s shaving everyday.

The grip is good. Once in a while if I run out of shaving cream, I use soap and the handle could get a bit slippery. But the overall comfort and weight of the razor is nice.

I have to mention that I have not cut myself since I’ve been using them.

Most other brands get too cute and put lubrication strips on them. But what happens is that they swell in the water, and compromise the ability of the blade to really get tight against the skin to allow a skin close shave.

But what I want to emphasize most is that it just takes one pass with the Shave Mob razor. Other blades would take at least 3. And these blades don’t corrode or rust sitting in the shower stall. This just increases the longevity of the razor blades.”

Ah! He explained to me the ins and outs of razors in his own “Steve” way ( who knew!) and I became so intrigued that when the next package arrived, I hijacked them for myself.

Shave Mob Women's Razors

Shave Mob Women’s Razors

Here is my take on the razors. Now, please note that I used the men’s razor package that Johan sent. I have not yet tried the women’s version.

They are light. They are easy to maneuver. They make the otherwise gruesome task of shaving legs an amazing experience, because it takes half as much time to get it done. I see what my husband was saying about “one pass”. And a huge plus is that they are easy to clean. There is nothing worse than shaving with a razor that has last weekend’s razor stubble still in it. It causes nicks and cuts in the worst way.

I too, have only used one blade thus far, and I began using mine in mid August. i have NOT nicked my armpits, and I swear, my legs look amazing! I think that has a lot to do with what my husband says about the moisture strips. All of the new razor blades for women have it…and I believe it keeps you from getting the closest shave possible. And the better the shave, the longer it lasts. I don’t shave nearly as often with these new Shave Mob razor blades.

Knowing what we know now about how much razors cost, and knowing that the major companies can charge those exorbitant prices, because, well, people need to shave! And suspecting that they might be able to use a better grade steel in order to allow their razors to last longer, well, it just makes you wonder.

We are sold on Shave Mob. And the cost is surprising. I urge you to check out their site. It can literally save you hundreds of dollars a month if both you and your husband use conventional razors. I know you won’t be disappointed in them.

Since Johan sent us quite a few blades, we will be testing out their shelf life and will certainly follow up for you. But for right now, knowing that we will never have to pay drug store prices for razor blades again tickles us to no end. Shave Mob just got themselves a new customer!

Shave Mob also has a great referral incentive. Introduce their razors to five of your bestest friends, and get two months worth of blades for free! Just get a personal link from them and start sharing the love. It is that easy!

Which razor do you or your husband swear by? And what do you think of the cost? Would you be willing to try something different?

Note: The opinions in this review belong to me, (and/or my husband) the author. I don’t accept payment in exchange for a review, but will accept a sample at no cost to provide honest opinions on such. This post may contain affiliate/referral links per my own discretion.

4 Responses to My Clean, Close Shave – Shave Mob Review

  1. This might make an interesting gift for the hubby. I will check it out!

  2. Dorothea Sherwood says:

    Horrible customer service. Will not use their service again.

  3. Tara M says:

    I keep reading reviews on shavemob saying they are great, so I ordered and got an email saying my order had shipped on January 23. It hasn’t officially been 8 business days that I am supposed to wait to receive them but I’m pretty surprised shipping takes so long. I also think it’s weird the company offers no tracking information. These are things I would pay a few extra dollars for, since now I’m worried they took my $40 and ran…. 🙁

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