It's Just Another Marathon Eve…

Bib, Bracelet, and Bits

I am sitting here on the eve of my third marathon…no, not prepping, not freaking out, not sleeping, not carb-loading…but trying to repair a ripped finger nail. Yeah, that sucks.

It tore clear down to the middle, and I don’t want to lose it at least until I can get into the salon so they can work some kind of magic to save it, I hope. So in the meantime, I gotta be able to get my hands into a pair of gloves without having to worry about the nail catching on them. Yeah…what we go through as runners.

Yesterday, I volunteered at the Expo, in the merchadise area. Not where I need to be…because sometimes I can’t stop myself. I didn’t buy the jacket because I didn’t care for the women’s one. The men’s jacket was neon orange, much like my Boston jacket, and I loved it…but I really don’t need another orange jacket. I decided if I can buy it later…and cheaper…after the race, then it was meant to be. Instead I walked away with a full zip hoodie, a sweatshirt, and a tee shirt.


Can you guess which color I bought?

So, I just got back from Wal-mart, where I bought the nail stuff. I ended up wandering around there for 90 minutes through the clearance isle. And all I found was a package of clear address labels to use at Christmas time. I’m not even sure that was worth 90 minutes.

But it chewed up a good part of the day. I’m not used to Sunday races. Sitting around on a Saturday waiting to run is pure torture. I’m planning dinner, yet trying to come up with ways to spend 3 hours preparing hamburgers, just to get closer to bed time. Not gonna happen.

So while I wait for my nail to dry, I thought I’d write a little blog post about how I’m feeling less than 24 hours out from my next marathon.

I’m feeling ready. I’m feeling pumped. I’m feeling rather anxious.

I’m also questioning, for the 100th time today, the clothes I picked out for the run. The foreacast? Sunshine, light wind, and a temperature at start time around 36°. And it won’t even reach 50° when I’m finished. That isn’t warm. But it isn’t cold, either. It is that in-between place where you could under dress or over dress.

Test Outfit #1

Test Outfit #1

I did a few test runs this morning testing different clothing. In the end, I went with the shorts, the compression socks, the shorter sleeves and the arm sleeves, so I could shed if needed. Plus, I’ll have a throw away jacket and some throw away pants. I’m praying this will do. I’ve got throw away tech gloves, too with hand warmers. For me, it is more about keeping my fingers from going completely numb…and my toes…which predicament I fixed by cutting off the end of a pair of old toe sox. I’ll wear those under my compression socks.

Test Outfit #2

Test Outfit #2

So, I’ve tested and retested, and I believe I’m there. I’ve got bags packed so my husband will bring my proper clothing at the end of the run, and I have a throw away bag for the start line, so I won’t have to check anything. It has got to go smooth as silk, right?

Then again, if it doesn’t, what the hell? What does it matter? I got to look at it as just another training run. I’ve done the 20-miler…this should be a piece of cake. It is mind over matter, right?

I laid out my clothes and took my flat me photo. I’m all ready to go, right?

Flat Me

Flat Me

And I’m shooting for a time goal that is 20 minutes faster than what I’ll need to qualify for Boston. Overkill? Maybe, but it should be enough buffer to buy me a few minutes of sheer panic, if need be.

And I’ve got my Energybits

Bib, Bracelet, and Bits

Bib, Bracelet, and Bits

What else do I need to do?


Oh yeah, run the marathon!

Wish me luck.


So do you get in freak out mode before a race? What stresses you out most?


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  1. Ashleigh says:

    I freak out a bit, not over the race, but over logistics getting to the race. I’m a chronically late person and I’d be devastated if I missed the race because I missed the latest start time. So once I’m actually at the race, I calm down and because I am worried I’ll be late, I usually get to my races ridiculously early.

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