FACLW – How to #Bulletproof Your Coffee

It’s all the rage, especially in Silicon Valley! Have you heard? They are fluffing up their daily dose of caffeine with heart healthy fats. Gone are the days of the regular New York deli coffee. (I worked at a deli on Long Island in my youth. A regular coffee was a coffee with 2 splashes of cream and 2 heaping spoons of sugar. We sold so many, we’d pre-fill the cups with the add ons and stack them for faster service.)

The benefits of Bulletproof Coffee are eye-opening. Literally! It can force the metabolism into Ketosis. This means, it allows the body to burn fat effectively, thereby triggering weight loss. The added fat in the java curbs cravings for carbs and satiates the appetite. And if that weren’t enough, it boosts brain function, making you much more mentally alert than just a simple cuppa black coffee.

What exactly goes into Bulletproof Coffee?

Butter Coffee
Coffee. Butter. Oil.

Sound unappetizing? Surprisingly, it’s rather tasty. In fact, most American’s prefer a splash of cream in their coffee. But I ask you, what is butter? Yep, whipped cream. The oil? Well, if you use MCT oil, then you just added a bit more cream, but in a different form.

What is MCT oil, anyway? According to Bodybuilding.com:

MCT simply stands for medium chain triglycerides, as opposed to long chain triglycerides (LCT), which are found in most foods. MCT is comprised of primarily caprylic and capric fatty acids, and is a light-yellow, odorless, translucent liquid at room temperature. MCT oil occurs naturally in coconut oil and other foods. Supplementation with MCT oil began as a fat source to help treat diseases such as cystic fibrosis, obesity, and fat mal-absorption. It has also been used to add calories to infant, and certain other formulas. Recently, athletes, bodybuilders, and diet gurus have jumped on the MCT bandwagon, embracing its fat burning and energy sustaining powers.

There are forms of MCT oil all over the market today. Some claim to be better than others, but really, they don’t differ significantly. In fact, you can almost get the same effect using a nut oil or coconut oil. But, MCT is more concentrated, in a sense, so for the full Bulletproof Coffee effect, it is recommended.

Now, how does one make a coffee bulletproof? One could just add a tablespoon or two of butter and a tablespoon or two of MCT oil to their morning coffee and stir, but it won’t look very appetizing, and you’ll end up with a mouthful of oil before you get to the heart of the coffee. The better way is to blend it. Using a mini blender is just the ticket but any blender will do. Personally, I love my NutriBullet Pro 900 Series Blender for just such a task. The smaller blender cup holds just the perfect amount, and it froths it up beautifully, like a cappuccino from your favorite cafe. You can, however, opt for the lower powered version, but I must do things like my husband and brothers-in-law and get the biggest, most powerful version money can buy (said like Tim the Tool Guy)!

Magic Bullet NutriBullet 900 Watt Blender

Magic Bullet NutriBullet 900 Watt Blender

I also use this nifty device for traveling, but it works like a gem at home as well.

The next question one may ask is what brands should one use? There are many out there. And if money is no object and you were looking for the original “Bulletproof Coffee” blend, one would head over to Dave Aspery’s site, The Upgraded Self, and buy an actual Bulletproof Upgraded Coffee Kit. I, however, have found some pretty decent substitutes.

To be honest, I recently gave Bulletproof Upgraded Brain Octane Oil a try, and I do feel there is a slight difference. But I’m very in tune with my body, at this point. If you were just getting started into the world of fat adaption, the Now Brand of MCT oil should do just fine.

As far as coffee goes, I just use a light or medium roast K-Cup. I find that a nice French Roast provides the best buzz. And butter? Well, there is only one kind of butter with which to make a bullet proof coffee and that would be Kerrygold. It is by far the BEST butter on the market. In fact, it is SO good, I have been known to go at it with a spoon. Really.

Kerrygold IS gold!

Kerrygold IS gold!

Thanks to our friends at Costco, if you are lucky, you can score a three pack of half-pounders for under $7. And that is beyond awesome since a single half pound in the grocery store could cost as high as $3.99.

Now, some will suggest 2 tablespoons of the butter, and 2 tablespoons of the MCT oil in an 8oz. cup of coffee, but that is far too much for a little person like me. I bring it down to a tablespoon of each. And for added drinking pleasure, I also use 1/2 tsp cinnamon, and a tablespoon or two of Neocell Collagen Sport Whey Protein, French Vanilla. It adds just a touch of sweetness and a slight vanilla flavor. Plus, it makes it extra foamy and you get the added benefit of collagen.

2014-10-01 07.49.18-2

If I want a treat later in the day, I might substitute the caffeinated coffee for decaf, and the MCT oil for Macadamia Nut Oil.This will knock your socks off, but won’t have exactly the same benefits as the MCT oil. Or, you can get some very high quality ghee and substitute that for the butter. These ghees
by Pure Indian Foods are awesome. I do like to sprinkle a little salt in my coffee if I use the ghee.

2014-09-11 16.26.30

Now, I’ll tell you right now, that any kind of metabolic change takes time. And consuming this coffee while scarfing down a large blueberry oat muffin from Starbucks or a Krispy Kreme will NOT have the same effect. You have to do this right. Low carb is the only way to eat while on the Bulletproof coffee regimen.

Today, I am fat adapted. A cup of bulletproof coffee before a race, long run, or P90X workout, will not only power me through the event, but it will hold me off for a few hours afterward. I would not believe it if I had not experienced it. And if you have been following my running, it has become apparent that I’m more efficient, and I have improved my ability to negative split and not get worn down.

So, that is what you need to know about Bulletproof Coffee. Feel free to google it yourself and come up with your own opinions. I know there are many out there. But be warned that many of them come from those who are still carb addicted.

Theresa's Bulletproof Coffee
Print Recipe
Servings Prep Time
1 fat adapted runner 60 seconds
Servings Prep Time
1 fat adapted runner 60 seconds
Theresa's Bulletproof Coffee
Print Recipe
Servings Prep Time
1 fat adapted runner 60 seconds
Servings Prep Time
1 fat adapted runner 60 seconds
Servings: fat adapted runner
  1. Place all ingredients into a blender. Blend until frothy.
Recipe Notes

Be extra careful when blending hot liquids. Be sure to leave a vent so that the steam can escape without burning your hands. If using a Nutri Bullet or closed system blender, be sure to leave the prescribed amount of space in the blending container to prevent accidents.

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Have you fallen into the Bulletproof Coffee craze? Does it do anything for you?

And now for my disclaimer: I am NOT a doctor. I am NOT a nutritionist. I am an athlete and a runner. And I like to look good and feel good. All of this information in these blog posts comes from my own personal experiences. It has worked for me. Consult your own physician before attempting any major life changes. Educate yourself first and foremost.

4 Responses to FACLW – How to #Bulletproof Your Coffee

  1. Elle says:

    I haven’t tried this. I love black strong coffee and cannot imagine any of these additives. I think it might make an okay protein/fat smoothie but I think the coffee would be just a hit of caffeine, not the star of the show! 🙂

    • A Running Chick says:

      You can do it any way you like, Elle! The great thing is that coffee has so many health benefits. Adding these ingredients to them just makes them get absorbed more efficiently into the system. It will give you a better “buzz” from the caffeine. But really, you can use tea or decaf coffee. And adding them into a smoothie will work just as well!

  2. Jan says:

    The recipe I’m using has equal amounts butter, coconut oil and cream. I’m wondering why yours doesn’t have the cream? Is to to eliminate the few carbs added with the cream?

    • A Running Chick says:

      Jan, I use MCT oil because it is more concentrated than the coconut oil. Butter is cream, so adding the extra cream doesn’t add to the “value” as much as the MCT oil does. MCT oil is a natural metabolic fat burner in the system. It will put you in ketosis quicker and get you burning that fat faster!

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