Fat Adapting in a Carb Loading World – Part 7

It’s easier than you think to become low carb/high fat. No, really, it is. If you eat clean, you are half way there. Why? Because nature takes care of all that it creates naturally. All fruits and veggies contain the proper nutrient ratio. It’s true that some are better than others, especially when it comes to sugar content. But it doesn’t mean you can’t have that fruit or veggie. It just means you have to be careful on how much of it you eat. It can also depend on when you eat it!

Take the banana, for instance. Runners love bananas. And for good reason. They are full of everything good. But they are also full of natural sugar.

Banana Fact Sheet

Banana Fact Sheet

Now, I’m not dissing the banana. But, you don’t need to eat a half dozen a day. A half will do ya…give the other half to your kid or your spouse or another runner! Also, as fruit ripens, it’s sugar content rises. So for all intents and purposes, if you can tolerate the banana while it is still a little green, well then, you have it made!

I used to be a huge fruit smoothie fan. In fact, at one point in my children’s lives I made them fruit smoothies for breakfast in an attempt to get them to eat anything healthy. I’d toss in non-fat yogurt, maybe a little honey, and some wheat germ. I shudder now to think of the sugar surge I was feeding them at breakfast.

A little fruit is good now and again. But too much, and suddenly the insulin surge is on. The blood sugar goes up. And you are crashing just as you would after consuming a Snicker’s bar.

But there are ways to make the breakfast smoothie healthy again. And it doesn’t take that much to change it up.

First, go back to your high fat plain yogurt. Why? Because in order to make ‘low fat’ products taste better, the manufacturer loads it with sugar. You see, sugar contains no fat! So, the misconception is that it is safe to use in low fat products. I challenge you to compare a ‘low fat’ product to it’s sister ‘standard’ product and check out the difference in the sugar content. It will astound you! All this time, you thought that low fat product was the healthier version. Well, it isn’t.

Sugar content in fruit.

Sugar content in fruit.

Next, cut the amount of fruit you use in half. And stick with berries. Berries are naturally low in glucose and are low glycemic, meaning, they won’t increase your bloods sugar levels as much as a high glycemic fruit.

Finally, add a natural fiber, like spinach or kale! Suddenly you’ve gone from a dessert breakfast shake to a healthified breakfast shake in no time flat. Any added sugar? No…and trust me, your kids will get used to it. They are sweet enough as it is!

The hardest thing to cut off of the family grocery list is bread. Everyone loves bread. And it would seem bread is the essential staple to the sandwich. It might seem strange, but Americans eat more than 300 million sandwiches each and every day.  This is an amazing statistic since there are slightly more than 300 million Americans and not everyone eats a sandwich everyday!

How do you get rid of the bread?

In an attempt to do just that, I don’t buy it. Seems easy, right? But it works. If there is no bread in the house, the kids come up with other ways to enjoy their meats and cheeses. One, is to roll them in giant romaine lettuce leaves. Another is to just cut it up and put it on a green salad. They’ll also wrap them in a low-carb tortilla. I will occasionally make an almond flour based sandwich roll recipe which is a hit. Or, they’ll just stack it up on a paper plate and eat it…plain and simple.

Peanut butter? Apples are great for dipping in peanut butter. So is celery and carrot sticks. My daughters also like cucumbers and cream cheese. Trust me, there are many ways to dump the bread.

We’ve also gotten used to eating brats with knives and forks.

Burgers? Well, I’ll let them have that bun. I just make sure I choose the one out there with the least amount of carbohydrates or I make them from scratch.

And how about pasta? Well, there are many alternatives to pasta and there are new gadgets on the market to make that easy. The Veggeti turns a zucchini into a delicious alternative in no time flat. I have used this with much success. In fact, they like it better than pasta! And you can slice those zucchini’s as a substitute for lasagna noodles. Spaghetti squash is another great alternative.

And there is a product out there called Miracle Noodle which will amaze you! I have used the fettuccine noodles to turn Pad Thai into a new experience! They also make an angel hair noodle, rice, and a ziti noodle!

The best thing you can do for your family, when you can control what they eat, is to control what they eat. You are the meal provider in the family. You do the grocery shopping. If it isn’t bought, it can’t be eaten.

Control it. Yeah, there might be grunts and groans, but in the end, you’ll begin to see amazing changes. I have. And I’ve just touched the tip of the iceberg.

Coming up in Part 8, Ketogenic recipes and what I’ve learned.

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And now for my disclaimer: I am NOT a doctor. I am NOT a nutritionist. I am an athlete and a runner. And I like to look good and feel good. All of this information in these blog posts comes from my own personal experiences. It has worked for me. Consult your own physician before attempting any major life changes. Educate yourself first and foremost.

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2 Responses to Fat Adapting in a Carb Loading World – Part 7

  1. Elle says:

    Enjoying these posts. I am fairly new at low carb and so far loving it. No cravings is the BEST part.

  2. Wenchypoo says:

    About the pasta: they also now have a spaghetti-sized noodle. I buy a case of each kind, and the stuff lasts me about 5 months.

    I’m waiting for the company to start crankin’ out lasagna noodles. They will one day–bet on it!

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