Run, Rest, Repeat

October was such a whirlwind of running. Three races, and three PR’s. At the end of it all, I had to sweat the small stuff. It was obvious I needed to take a break. I had made the decision to add the Zero Runner back into the rotation just to relieve my muscles, joints, and bones from the pavement pounding I had put them through in the past three weeks. And I fully expected to carry out this plan, that is, until, I signed up for another running challenge on Facebook. Clearly, I can’t help myself.


Unfortunately, the challenge allows for miles on the road and treadmill, but not on an elliptical or Zero Runner. I’m the only one who ones a Zero Runner and it was deemed more elliptical than treadmill. This was a huge let down for me.

I was, however, able to get a few decent sessions in on the beast at the end of October. This was good because I clearly needed the break from the impact of the road. I also needed to retrain my glutes. This machine never fails to do that for me.

I was able to begin November on a high note, getting back on the road to crank out a few decent runs for the team. But it quickly ground to a screeching halt when I had to stop, thanks to a little out patient surgery that I had on the 10th. It is nothing serious, but is in such an area of the body where I had to take a few days off of the run.

I was ecstatic to hear my surgeon say I could run whenever I wanted to, as long as the incision wasn’t irritating to me. But unfortunately, the only clothing that doesn’t irritate it at the moment is shorts, and the weather has gone from bad to worse here in Minnesota. Shorts just won’t cut it outdoors any longer.

So, this leaves me with the treadmill. To be honest, the treadmill has a habit of irritating that inner thigh so I decided not to try it Tuesday. Today might be a different story.


I plan to try to get some leggings on. If I can, I’ll give it a go outdoors. If not, then I’ll just have to hop on the Zero Runner. I feel bad for my team, but if I play it smart, I can give them a decent push towards the end of the month. By then, I should be good as gold. And I’ll be that much more recovered in a week or two.

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  1. What’s the Zero Runner?

    Glad you’re feeling better. But you have been running outside, haven’t you?

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