FACLW – Feeding The Kids – Spring Roll #Recipe

(Note: I’ve abbreviated Fat Adapting in a Carb Loading World to FACLW. This will help you find the series and the recipes on the blog. Just search the acronym.)

So, we’ve discussed feeding the family. This unto itself can be a challenge. But if you are as determined as I am to make this lifestyle change for everyone living under your roof, then the kids are a challenge amongst themselves.

Let’s talk school lunches. They’ve always concerned me. And now with the government getting involved, they’ve become a real thorn in my side.

This year, I made the decision that my children would not be allowed to purchase a school lunch. This would make for extra frustration for me, I know. My husband, who does mean well and will occasionally offer up a solution to my sometimes illogical ideals, suggested bringing them to the supermarket everyday after school where they could pick out a lunch for the following day. But, give a kid an inch…

Before I knew it, their choices were just as unhealthy as the school lunches. AND they were buying MORE at the lunch line because they were complaining they were STILL hungry after a large sandwich! (Remember the vicious cycle we talked about in Part 5.) After a few weeks of agony, mainly on my part, I decided I would personally make their lunches. No, they may not be pretty, and they would take some trial and error, but in the end, I would KNOW what my kids were eating and I would be sure to feed them with food that will fill them up, not leave them craving more.

This means, a few salads a week, with different themes. I might do a Greek Salad one day, or a chicken Caesar another day. Or just a chef salad a’la mom on a third day. In between, I try to mix it up.

One lunch they ask for every week are my spring rolls. These, although they require a bit of preparation, are fun to do. Even the kids like to do it themselves because it is kind of fun!

The best think about them is that you can personalize them to their liking. You can use chicken, shrimp, tofu, or just go vegetarian. The veggies you choose can be uniquely yours as well. My recipe is somewhat simple and my girls seem to like this combination.

Lunch Box Spring Rolls with Peanut Dipping Sauce
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Servings Prep Time
2 Hungry Kids 30 minutes
Servings Prep Time
2 Hungry Kids 30 minutes
Lunch Box Spring Rolls with Peanut Dipping Sauce
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Servings Prep Time
2 Hungry Kids 30 minutes
Servings Prep Time
2 Hungry Kids 30 minutes
Servings: Hungry Kids
  1. Follow the directions on the package for rinsing the Miracle Noodles and dry them thoroughly with a paper towel.
  2. You will want to lie out all your ingredients so that they are easy to reach and ready to roll...literally. It moves fast once the rice wrappers are moistened.
    Spring Roll Prep
  3. Moisten rice paper in hot water by laying it in the plate. It shouldn't take more than 30 seconds to accomplish this. Watch this video for more detailed instructions.
  4. Lay out the spring roll on a board or on a clean counter top and fill a few slices of all the ingredients, a sprinkle of the herbs, 4 whole shrimp, and about 6-8 strands of the Miracle Noodles.
    Filling Spring Rolls
  5. Fold up the sides of the rice paper, then roll tightly from front to back. The paper should stick to itself. You can go rather tight, as well. This is tough stuff!
  6. Lay out the Spring Rolls to dry. They'll be a little tacky. Then you can box them up.
Peanut Dipping Sauce
  1. Mix remaining ingredients to make the peanut sauce and package separately.
Recipe Notes

Stay Fit and Healthy

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Again, this is a dish that you can totally customize depending on how your child likes them. They are easy to eat with out utensils, and they are a real treat!

I’ve got some other lunch box ideas, including a delicious salmon salad that the kids adore as well! Stay tuned as I add more FACLW recipes to the blog!


Next time however, we’ll talk coffee…bullet proof coffee. And fat bombs.

Yes…fat bombs.


What is your child’s favorite lunch choice?

2 Responses to FACLW – Feeding The Kids – Spring Roll #Recipe

  1. Elle says:

    Those look great. We make them sometimes too and really enjoy them. Have never thought about using them as a packed lunch. Great idea!

  2. Briana says:

    Love shrimp spring rolls… didn’t realize they were so easy to make 🙂 Are the rice paper wrappers low carb? Or is it just that there’s so little that it’s within the fat-adapted guidelines? Look forward to trying these!

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