Should Auld Acquaintance Be Forgot?

It was the best of times, it was the worst of times…are we really bidding farewell to another year? In retrospect, I’m rather happy to see it go. On many levels, it wasn’t the best. But it sure unraveled quickly. And it spun back up just as fast. By the last quarter, we were  movin’ and shakin’. And my worst fears were laid to rest after successfully PR’ing the Twin Cities Marathon with an outstanding time.

Certainly, I’ve run more races in the past. The stress fracture this year took me out of 5 runs that I’d typically do in the late spring and early summer. But, Boston made up for all of them. And having run two marathons this year, and a handful of half marathons, I certainly can’t be disappointed. Here is the run down of races I accomplished in 2014.

Polar Dash #2 in the books!

Minnesota Polar Dash 10K 00:45:52


All done! #GetLuckyMN

Get Lucky Half Marathon 01:40:31


Boston Marathon Medal

Boston Marathon 04:03:49


...Because I'm happy!

On the road again after the stress fracture.


Finish Line

MN Zoo Tiger Tracks 5K 00:21:38


Women Rock #selfie

Women Rock Half Marathon 01:41:44


Twin Cities Medtronic Marathon   03:30:14 New Marathon PR!

Twin Cities Medtronic Marathon 03:30:14 New Marathon PR!


Winner Swag Photo

Belle Plaine Half Marathon 01:38:29 New Course PR!


Monster Dash Finish Line #Selfie

Monster Dash Half Marathon 01:34:05 New Half PR!


Salina Turkey Trot 3-Mile Fun Run   00:22:23 (Unofficial)

Salina Turkey Trot 3-Mile Fun Run 00:22:23 (Unofficial)


Reindeer Fun Run 5K 00:22:37 (Unofficial)

Reindeer Fun Run 5K 00:22:37 (Unofficial)


And here is a rundown of my mileage. This includes miles on the Zero Runner. Some may not count it as running, but I added it regardless.

2014 miles

2014 miles

As far as miles go, I smashed previous years. The two marathons certainly helped that. And even the stress fracture couldn’t set me back too far. Yes, I’m pleased. I’m even more pleased that it all came together so well for me in 2014. I discovered the keys to running faster and more efficient. And it didn’t have so much to do with running as it did with eating. My new Low Carb/High Fat lifestyle has made all the difference, despite the feedback I have received from my carb loading constituents. But I haven’t allowed it to daunt my efforts. This is my ticket. This is my magic pill. THIS and EnergyBits is why I qualified for Boston a second time, and not just qualified, but SMASHED it. For me, finding this, executing it, and sticking to it has proved to me that I’m more than capable of running into my 50s and beyond.

It has been a year of lessons learned, as well. Too much is TOO much. I overtrained for Boston and I paid the price. Some might say I undertrained for the Twin Cities Marathon, but it worked so well for me. And when I learn a lesson, I rarely try anything different. I have a baseline now for training and I’m going to stick with my intuition for now on.

So, has it been a successful year? Very! Has it been a disappointing year? Kind of. Has it been one I’ll never forget? Yes, and no. I certainly will never forget my first Boston Marathon. And as much as I want to forget the injury, I can’t because it is that lesson learned. I would like to forget the 3 months I was out of commission. That is water under the bridge, and I can’t get it back. But it sure brought in just as much as it left with.

I have high hopes for 2015. I’d like to run 2 marathons. Right now, I have 5 half marathons on the calendar. And I’m going to try for Chicago. I have some backups planned in case I do not win the lottery. I just need to find a spring marathon. I’ll run Grandma’s again if it comes to that. And that wouldn’t be all that bad.

Then I’ll just fill in the blanks. And I’ll get back to what I enjoy doing…running. No #BQ’s needed, no #PR’s needed. If they come, they come. If they don’t, they don’t. I’ve arrived. And I’m so happy to finally be here!


2 Responses to Should Auld Acquaintance Be Forgot?

  1. I’ve had so much fun following you this year. I think I jumped on board right when you were running Boston. Like you, I had to take some time off for a fracture in the spring. But then came back and then some! I totally agree with what you said about undertraining…I still had gas left in the tank after Chicago. I loved my training plan this year–and I want to do another marathon, training the same. If you do Chicago, let’s try to connect!

  2. Jenn says:

    Such an amazing year in so many ways. The stress fracture had to be hard, but it didn’t keep you down, and you’re back, better than ever! With a Boston medal to boot! Here’s to 2015! May it bring so much awesome with it!

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