There’s a New Sock In Town! #Tiux Review and #Giveaway

Ah, compression socks! A runner can clearly never have enough. But which to choose? I think I’ve tried them all, from socks to sleeves. Early on in my running career, it was all about the sleeves. But late last year, I came to the realiziation that running in just the sleeves left me with swelling around my feet and ankles. The extra compression in the full sock eliviates that swelling and makes for a more comfortable long run.

Each brand that I have tried has it’s pros and cons. Pro Compression has the most awesome colors and designs, but they are long so I have to adjust them to below the knee. Once I do that, they ride right up to the crease at the back of my knee. Sometimes that can be rather uncomfortable.

CEP brand allows a more comfortable fit. The height is perfect, but their designs are limited. Also, if you have ever tried to get them on, you have to be careful not to pull a muscle in your foot or break a fingernail. Seriously, they are what they claim to be…compression socks!

Zensah are a great fit, but don’t have as much compression as the CEP or Pro Compression socks.

And I really like 2XU brand. Recently they have been my go-to compression socks. But they do come up a little short in the calf.

And with all these compression socks, I find myself adding a pair of homemade toe covers in the winter. What are homemade toe covers? I simply cut the toe end off of an old pair of socks to slip over my compression socks. This keeps my poor toes from going completely numb in the frigid Minnesota winters.


This is why I might be in love with Tiux. Tiux is the new sock in town and I was lucky enough to be one of the first to test drive these compression socks.


Here is their story:

We’re a small startup with something to prove. We’re dreamers looking to challenge the status quo. We’re never satisfied and believe we can do much better. This drives us to deliver premium products with great customer value.

We’re not like other sports apparel brands. Instead of using brick and mortar shops, we sell directly to you online. We break away from the traditional retail model by eliminating wholesalers and distributors. This lets us control the entire process, from apparel design to shipping our products to your door. Our streamlined approach allows us to sell products at fair prices.

Tiux is strictly an online company and we strive to make it easy for our customers to shop with us. That’s why we offer free shipping on all US and Canadian orders with no minimum order or restrictions.

When I first opened my Tiux Compression Socks, I was immediately taken by the thickness of them. Of course, with it being the dead of winter here in the midwest, this appealed to me directly. I pulled them out of the cellophane and pulled them on my legs.

My Tiux Compression Socks

My Tiux Compression Socks

Yep. They are a wee bit thicker than the others. They are relatively easy to put on (no pulled muscles), and they are amazingly comfortable and cushioned. And they appear to be insulated enough for my poor toes.

When the Tiux arrived, Minnesota appeared to be going through a bit of a reprieve as far as the temperatures were concerned so I was able to run without my extra toe covers. The first day I tried them, the temperatures were in the mid 20s. Normally, under 20° and I’m opting for the extra insulation. I felt comfortable and toasty through the entire run. It was a 10-miler.

They’re nice! They are warm. The black and green is different. I like them!

My only question would be how they would perform in the warmer summer months. Now for me, this is not really a problem because I opt not to run in compression at that time mainly to avoid the obvious tan lines. I will, however, follow up with these and try them for a few runs in the warmer weather, just to see if the weight of the socks affect the running performance.

Tiux Compression Sock

Tiux Compression Sock

Here are some of the main features of the Tiux brand:

1.Wide top band for comfort.
2.Calf support and stabilization.
3.Achilles tendon protection to prevent blistering and irritation.
4.“Y” heel for contoured perfect fit.
5.Padded foot bed provides cushion and shock absorption.
6.Seamless toe for maximum comfort.
7.Breathable mesh to keep your feet cool and dry.

Graduated compression (20-25mmHg) to increase blood circulation.
Constructed with premium technical fabrics for superior moisture management and breathability.
200 thread count for ultimate durability, comfort and fit.

Do you have questions about Tiux? Feel free to contact them in the social media outlets. They are on Twitter at @TeamTiux and at their website. The socks are just $35 and include free shipping! AND…they have amazing new neon colors!

Tiux Color Selection

Tiux Color Selection

So, if you are looking for a compression sock with a bit more umph, try Tiux! I think you’ll be impressed.

Would you like to win a pair of Tiux Compression socks? It’s easy to enter. Simply fill out the form below!

Tiux Performance Compression Socks – Neon Is My Color

Which compression brand do you run in? Do you prefer socks or sleeves?

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6 Responses to There’s a New Sock In Town! #Tiux Review and #Giveaway

  1. Elle says:

    Love the idea of the thicker foot pad and no seams in the toes. Would love to try them.

  2. I am a Crazy And Pro Compression girl but I am always open to new things!

  3. Tracy says:

    These look pretty cool! Free shipping and no minimum orders?? That rocks! I’ve been wanting to try a full sock because as you mentioned with the sleeves, I get a little swelling in between. Great review!

  4. BreannaS says:

    Thicker sounds good for cushion as well as winter warmth.

  5. Stephanie Stewart says:

    Compression socks are my best friend

  6. I’d love to enter but I’m not on Twitter. Looks like I’ll have to shop…

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